Here we can see, “recimg.exe”

Recimg.exe is a very handy program. It allows a user to make a recovery disk for his present Windows setup, eliminating the need to reinstall the operating system if a problem arises. The user can restore his Windows PC to its state when the recovery disk image is created. The program is compatible with Windows 8.


recimg [/createimage | /setcurrent | /showcurrent | /deregister] [filePath]


The recimg utility creates a system image that the user can restore at any time. The picture will include all of the user’s system settings and the software they have installed. Personal files will not be saved, such as documents, images, and music. The image can be saved to an external device or a system partition. The refresh utility is in charge of restoring the system using the images created by the recimg tool. To use the utility, the user must have administrator access.

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The possibilities are as follows:


This help text is displayed.


Creates a new recovery image and makes it active. If the refresh tool is used, the system will refresh the active recovery image. The filePath parameter specifies the image’s path.


Sets the active recovery image to the image supplied by filePath. If the refresh tool is used, the system will refresh the active recovery image.


The current active recovery picture is deregistered, which means it is no longer active. If a factory image is present on the user’s computer, that image will be used as the active recovery image.


The current active recovery image’s filePath is displayed.

Status of Exit

The recimg utility returns 0 if everything goes well and 1 if something goes wrong.


To make a recovery image in the Recovery folder on the D:\ volume of the hard disk, follow these steps:

recimg /createimage d:\Recovery

To use the image MyImage.wim from the Images folder on the C:\ disk, follow these steps:

recimg /setcurrent c:\Images\MyImage.wim

To remove the MyImage label from the image.

wim from the C: volume’s Images folder as the active recovery image:

recimg /deregister c:\Images\MyImage.wim

To see the most recent active recovery image, go here.

/recimg showcurrent

On Windows 8, the compatibility recipe works.

History recimg debuted in Windows 8 and was subsequently deprecated in Windows 10.


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User Questions

1. Recimg exe is an executable file.

You can create a custom recovery image for Windows to utilize when you refresh your PC using the recimg.exe command-line utility. When you make a custom recovery image, it includes all of the desktop programs you’ve installed and the. The current condition of the Windows system files.

2. What does it mean to “image” a laptop?

Imaging is the process of wiping a computer’s hard disk and then reinstalling a brand-new system with all of its software. Imaging a computer restores it to a new, functional condition.

3. Cloning vs imaging: which is better?

Cloning is fantastic for quick recovery, but imaging gives you many more backup alternatives. Using an incremental backup snapshot allows you to preserve many photos without taking up a lot of additional space. This is useful if you accidentally download a virus and restore a previous disk image.

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4. Will creating a custom refresh image allow me to keep my software licenses?

Will creating a custom refresh image allow me to keep my software licenses? from windows8

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