PUBG Mobile Collaborations We Hope to See in Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile Collaborations We Hope to See in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battle royale matches nowadays don’t have any in-game occasions. Also, PUBG Mobile wasn’t any different. Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India statement said India would get its events and match styles based on these collaborations. Considering just how much DNA is shared between PUBG Mobile along with the coming Battlegrounds Mobile India, we believed it could be a fantastic time to check at a few of PUBG Mobile’s previous collaborative events with different IPs and discuss those we would like to see a return in some shape or another.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Among the very first significant occasions in PUBG Mobile to present its game style, the Resident Evil two cooperation was only a flavour of things to come. With a brand new spin on the battle royale formulation, together with having to fight your competitors, you had to be more cautious of zombies in the Resident Evil franchise. Obviously, among those cooler minutes in the sport was visiting that the Tyrant Mr X begin chasing you around the map.

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Whilst bringing an occasion about a game that came out in 2019 may feel somewhat outdated nowadays, a similar event could be kept for something such as the more recent Resident Evil Village. Who does not wish to get chased about Erengel by Lady Dumitrescu, after all?

Godzilla vs Kong

The Godzilla vs Kong cooperation provides both titular monster film icons to the match in a rather interesting manner. Though the play in this cooperation does not have a fresh focus on fending off enemies, it will add both Godzilla and King Kong to the match world and smaller critters from the film, which may be murdered to acquire new gear.

Not merely is visiting Godzilla or King Kong drifting around the planet quite the sight to behold, but the two monsters may also duke it out, but ruining several buildings and falling crystals from the procedure. These crystals may be utilized, for example, grenades to take your enemies out.

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Metro Exodus

The PUBG Mobile X Metro Exodus alliance attracted us to Metro Royale, which attracted lots of the flavour of this Metro franchise to PUBG’s battle royale gameplay. Much like the Resident Evil two cooperation, Metro Royale revolved around needing to live against gamers, but creatures and bandits in the Metro franchise.

Metro Royale employed exceptional maps because of its sport style, including dilapidated decks, destroys underground tunnels. The gameplay itself stinks about loading up with tools to proceed awry, hoping to make it back to base with loot to sell and use.

The Walking Dead

While The Walking Dead cooperation with PUBG Mobile did not involve a brand new game style, it did present a brand new approach to unlock makeup from the favourite AMC series. Through the Walking Dead occasion, players can finish missions to advance via a board sport, unlocking fresh makeup in the procedure. Even though most of the makeup involved skins of figures from the match, the best decoration was skin to the bike: Daryl’s Motorcycle.

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Though the absence of a unique game style was somewhat disappointing, the simple fact that Walking Dead’s aesthetics game PUBG Mobile’s aesthetics therefore well made the occasion worth engaging in. We could only expect that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have the ability to get a similar occasion going with a different continuing show.