PS5 Restock for Amazon Prime Members Is Expected in December

PS5 Restock for Amazon Prime Members Is Expected in December

A PlayStation 5 resupply is expected to arrive on Amazon soon, with Amazon Prime members getting first dibs on the coveted system.

Amazon has hinted at a PlayStation 5 refill before December, with Amazon Prime members getting first dibs on the device. Sony’s next-generation gaming system debuted in 2020 alongside the Xbox Series X/S, and both systems are still challenging to come by. In November, Sony reportedly missed manufacturing targets, causing a PS5 stock scarcity in 2021 that is projected to last until 2022.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been complicated to come by for a large percentage of gamers since its release last year. The console’s new-generation hardware can achieve incredible feats of speed, such as 60 frames per second during games and realistic ray tracing reflections, which makes it very appealing to players. The system’s new DualSense controller has also been a big draw, with features like haptic feedback and adjustable triggers that provide an immersive gaming experience when used correctly. While PlayStation 5 restocks have been arriving regularly for some time, digital distributors are regularly sold out in a matter of minutes. A recent PS5 resupply at Walmart was swiftly depleted within 45 minutes, disappointing many potential purchasers ahead of the holidays.

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Gaming Intel has reported on a possible PlayStation 5 resupply on Amazon, with Amazon Prime customers getting first dibs on the highly sought-after console. While there is no official resupply date, the PS5’s Amazon website has been modified to state that Prime members will have preferential access to PS5 sales until December 31. This indicates that the console will be refilled before the new year, allowing subscribers to plan for a sale. This new description is now only available on the disc version of the PlayStation 5, leaving out the PlayStation 5’s cheaper digital-only edition.

With many gamers still waiting to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, Sony has just unveiled a new customization option for the device. The rainbow of gorgeous pigments will arrive in January 2022, with custom PS5 faceplates and DualSense hues recently disclosed. The new-gen system and its DualSense controller debuted with a stark white look, strikingly from the previous generation’s mostly black PlayStation consoles. Many fans indicated an interest in customizing their systems, with alternate designs for the PS5’s easily removable faceplates particularly popular. While many fans have yet to get their hands on Sony’s new platform, those that do will soon be able to add a splash of colour.

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If you’re looking to get a PlayStation 5 for the holidays, keeping an eye on Amazon in the coming weeks might be a good idea. While offering Amazon Prime subscribers preferential access may seem excessive, a recent PS5 replenishment only available to Walmart+ subscribers utilized a similar strategy to increase revenues. With Sony’s PlayStation 5 now in its second year on the market, huge internet retailers like Amazon gradually become players’ best bet for obtaining the new-generation console.

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