There Was a Problem Accessing Your Keychain

There Was a Problem Accessing Your Keychain

Here we can see, “There Was a Problem Accessing Your Keychain”

Keychain is a MacOS password management system created by Apple. When users try to use OneDrive, there appears to be a problem with the keychain. The error message is displayed. There was an issue gaining access to your keychain. Please double-check that the login keychain is there and that OneDrive has permission to access it. Please allow OneDrive access to your keychain if prompted pops up, preventing users from accessing the platform.

On the support forum, one user described the issue.

“out of the blue” (perhaps after an auto update of OneDrive) I get the message [Please check that the login keychain exists and that OneDrive has access to it]. Options are Quit OneDrive and Try again. When I try again, I go through a log in process (using MS Authenticator – and the login is Approved), but the message comes back almost immediately. I am running the latest OneDrive (verified with the Mac AppStore) version.

Follow the steps outlined below to avoid making this mistake in the future.

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How to fix problem accessing your keychain on OneDrive

1. Delete OneDrive cached key

    1. To open Spotlight Search, press command + space, then type keychain and hit return.
    2. Type OneDrive into the Keychain Access search box.
    3. Select OneDrive Standalone Cached Credential from the search results and delete it.
    4. Restart OneDrive if necessary. The system will generate the erased key on its own.

2. Update OneDrive

    1. Remove OneDrive from your Mac’s operating system.
    2. Here is the link to the OneDrive for Mac installation file.
    3. Install it, log in, and seek for ways to make it better.

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User Questions

1. Is the password for the keychain the same as the one for the Apple ID?

The password for your login keychain is usually the same as your user password (the password you use to log in to the computer). If your keychain password is different from your user password, it won’t unlock immediately, and you’ll be prompted to input the keychain password.

2. What does “Safari wants to utilize the login keychain” mean?

By default, Keychain’s password is synced with your user account’s password, allowing it to unlock when you log in to your account, granting access to its contents to applications and processes.

3. Is it possible to hack iCloud Keychain?

iCloud, like most Apple products, is known for its high level of security. However, this does not rule out the possibility of hacked individual accounts. To accomplish this, all that is required is for someone to figure out your password. This isn’t necessarily a difficult task if you’re not careful.

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4. something wants to use my login keychain and when I click 

something wants to use my login keychain and when I click cancel, it reappeared and when I type it in it appears after an hour or 2. How do I stop it and should I be worried? (M1 Air) from mac

5. Can anyone help me with my login keychain problem : r/MacOS

Can anyone help me with my login keychain problem from MacOS