Power Bi Desktop Won’t Launch: 4 Ways to Solve This

Power Bi Desktop Won’t Launch: 4 Ways to Solve This

Here we can see, “Power Bi Desktop Won’t Launch: 4 Ways to Solve This”

Users can create charts and other interactive data visualizations using Power BI Desktop, the Windows application for the BI service. However, Power BI Desktop has been reported not to have been launched by some users in forum discussions. As a result, those individuals cannot access the BI Desktop program.

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What to do if Power BI won’t load

1. Confirm That NET Framework 4.7 (or 4.8) is Enabled in Windows 10

    1. Microsoft NET Framework 4.5 may need to be installed for some Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Users can download the software by selecting Download from the NET Framework 4.5 page. Then run the NET Framework 4.5 installer to complete the installation.
    2. Users of Windows 10 should verify that NET 4.7 is turned on for Power BI. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R shortcut to do so.
    3. Click OK after entering “appwiz.cpl” in the Open box.
    4. To open the window displayed immediately below, click Turn Windows features on or off.
    5. If it isn’t already chosen, check the.NET Framework 4.7 Advanced Search box.
    6. Next, press the OK button.

2. Install the Latest Power BI Gateway

Out-of-date Power BI gateway pipe restrictions may restrict user access to BI Desktop. Click Download Gateway on the gateway page to upgrade the Power BI gateway in order to fix it. Users can then install the latest data gateway for BI by launching its setup process.

3. Run Power BI With Admin Rights

    1. Right-click the software’s icon on the desktop or in the File Explorer folder, then choose Properties to run Power BI Desktop as an administrator.
    2. Then select the Compatibility tab, which is immediately below.
    3. Select the option that reads “Run this program as an administrator.”
    4. On the Apply button, click.
    5. To close the window, choose the OK option.

4. Install the Correct Power BI Version for 32-bit Platforms

    1. The 64-bit Power BI Desktop cannot be used by users running 32-bit Windows platforms. Press the Windows key + R hotkey to ensure the correct (and most recent) Power BI system version is installed.
    2. In the Run’s Open box, type “appwiz.cpl” and press OK.
    3. Choosing Power BI Desktop, choose Uninstall from the menu.
    4. To confirm, click Yes.
    5. Start Windows 10 again.
    6. Then launch a browser and go to the Power BI Desktop download page.
    7. For the Power BI Download Center page to open, choose Advanced download choices.
    8. There, click the Download button.
    9. Then, those who have 32-bit system architecture must choose PBIDesktop.msi.
    10. To download the installation, click Next.
    11. The installer will then be used to install Power BI Desktop.

Some users may be able to use Power BI Desktop after applying those patches. Users can also send Microsoft BI support tickets by selecting the Create Support Ticket option on the software’s troubleshooting page. But, first, try some of the methods mentioned above before submitting a support issue.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why won’t Power BI go live?

Security-related issues, such as instances where firewalls or antivirus software may block the pipes or reroute traffic to a particular port, are the most frequent causes of such interference. However, that problem might be fixed by opening Power BI Desktop with administrator privileges.

2. How can I relocate my Control Panel?

    • Switch to the Control Panel.
    • Go to Control Panel and select Language, Region, and Clock.
    • Select the Region button.
    • Go to the tab Location: in the Region dialog.
    • Choose the preferred location from the dropdown list under “Home location”

3. In Power BI, how can I change my country?

By defining the Data Category on the data fields in Power BI Desktop, you can make sure that the fields are accurately geo-coded. First, select the desired column in the Data view. Set the Data Category to Address, City, Continent, Country, County, Postal Code, State, or Province by choosing the Column tools tab from the ribbon.

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