Can’t Find Conditional Formatting in Power Bi? Check Our Fix

Can’t Find Conditional Formatting in Power Bi? Check Our Fix

Here we can see, “Can’t Find Conditional Formatting in Power Bi? Check Our Fix”

It seems like every time you open a new document, you find a new power bias. And it’s not just in your favorite search engine results. Conditional formatting is everywhere! Sometimes it’s hidden in plain sight, and other times it takes a little bit of detective work to find it. If you can identify and fix the conditional formatting issues before they get too big a deal, your document will look better on all devices, whether you use an Apple or Android device. Here’s how to do it!

Can’t Find Conditional Formatting in Power Bi

  1. There may be a problem with your power Bi installation.
  2. Try refreshing the browser or reloading the page.
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If this doesn’t work, please email us at and we will assist you in solving your problem.

Why there’s no conditional formatting option in Power BI

1. Only Tables Support Conditional Formatting

Power BI only supports conditional formatting in tables. This means that you can’t use the table headings and data bars to format your data in a way that depends on whether or not it’s relevant to a particular row or column.

This limitation has two main consequences. First, conditional formatting can be difficult to read and understand when trying to compare different data sets. Second, if you want to compare data sets based on certain conditions (like age, for example), you need to use other methods, such as joins or sorted comparisons.

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2. Update Power BI Desktop Client

The problem with using tables for conditional formatting is that updates to the desktop client may not take effect until after the latest update of the Power BI software. This means that if you have important data set changes happening right now and you don’t want your users affected, you might need to wait until after the next major release of Power BI in order to get them working properly again.


There is no conditional formatting option in Power BI, which can potentially cause some problems when trying to format data. Update your desktop client to include this feature so you can have all the conditional formatting you need!