Players on Battlefield 2042’s XP Farm Server Are Being Prepared For Slaughter

Players on Battlefield 2042's XP Farm Server Are Being Prepared For Slaughter

In Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode, XP farm servers are mistakenly putting gamers on the opposite side of the slaughter in an ironic twist of fate.

Dedicated XP farm servers in Battlefield 2042 appear appealing, but they’ve been setting up optimistic players for slaughter by accident. Players can establish their own game rules using the Battlefield Portal in Battlefield 2042, which includes classic Battlefield titles such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1942. This platform is simply a sandbox where users may design their fighting styles. Of course, this has led to the creation of XP farms, in which a small group of humans takes on swarms of purposefully weak bots to collect XP quickly and then use that XP to unlock firearms and attachments.

Even though Battlefield 2042 doesn’t come out until November 19, early reviewers have pointed up several potential long-term difficulties with the game. While the game’s enormous scale and class diversity are positive aspects, they may also be its downfall. Players are still having trouble loading onto games and connecting to servers, although the beta has a limited player count. It does not signal well for the future of the game, which is intended to host a big group of 128 warriors per game.

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According to IGN, Battlefield 2042 users join these XP farm sites in the hopes of fast unlocking weaponry, but many end up on the wrong side of the bloodbath. The fundamental nature of these farms is to produce a huge gathering of adversaries with low health and only a knife with which to fight back. The issue occurs when the human team is already overburdened. Any player who joins an already crowded server will be assigned to the bot team, where they will find themselves fighting a complete team of soldiers armed to the teeth with just dozens of dumb bots as allies, with little health and a knife.

In an unusual twist, some players take the challenge and attempt to fight back with only their knives, but this rarely works out. EA has been striving to resolve the problem, including lowering the XP bonuses from these sites. On the other hand, the Battlefield Portal is a significant change from the existing Battlefield formula, and it has the potential to take the brand in an exciting new direction, refocusing on large-scale multiplayer action.

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The irony, no doubt, is not missed on the players who seek out XP farms only to be farmed themselves. While the game may have a huge list of problems and flaws before release, some of them can be fun. The broken Battlefield 2042 hovercrafts, for example, can be a terrific addition to the enjoyment. Unintentional features can sometimes be the best features.

On November 19, 2021, Battlefield 2042 will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Source: IGN