Pixel 6 Pro might be the new social media king with this Android 12 feature

Pixel 6 Pro might be the new social media king with this Android 12 feature

With Android 12, starting with Pixel 6, there’s a shift in social networking apps. This smartphone – along with the Pixel 6 Pro – is ready to go with multi-camera support in social networking apps that have made the switch. The change is part of Android 12’s new camera API. However, it may or may not work with every device that can now run Android 12.

You should be able to switch between cameras in apps like Instagram and Snapchat if your device has correctly incorporated the new camera API with Android 12. The word “correctly” is key here, as it implies that the device maker took the time to teach the API’s capabilities to the device as it upgraded to Android 12. You might also be able to use this feature with a Google Pixel 5.

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When I open the latest update for Snapchat or Instagram on my Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, I may choose between cameras in the in-app camera UI. This system does not currently include a “swap camera” button. Instead, it’s a simple increase in zoom power.

If I open Snapchat or Instagram and start a new video or photo, I can pinch to zoom in or out further than I could previously. Pinning the screen zooms out to switch to the device’s “Ultra Wide” camera while pinching the screen in the other direction – outward – returns to the “Normal” view. Continuing does not presently result in wording recommending “Telephoto Zoom” for the Pro – but we can employ the camera array’s full capabilities regardless.

If you watched Google’s Pixel 6 unveiling, you may recall the firm stating that Snapchat functionality would be integrated “soon.” “Quick Tap to Snap” was one of the features. This feature allows the user to instantly activate Snapchat’s in-app camera by double-tapping the phone’s back.

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While this function has yet to be activated on the phone, “Quick Tap” is ready to go. This feature can now take screenshots, access your digital assistant, play or pause media, and so forth. Show notifications, Show recent apps or Open the app (whichever app you wish).

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