Pixel 6 Live Translate might finally live up to Google Goggles’ promise

Pixel 6 Live Translate might finally live up to Google Goggles’ promise

An early peek at the inner workings of the Google Pixel 6 seemed to show the most recent version of the device’s Live Translate feature. Very similar to the device’s ability to inform the user of the artist and title of a song played locally, the Google Pixel 6 has the power to translate languages in real-time. It’s entirely possible this feature also will appear on a spread of smartphones running Android 12 within the near future.

Courtesy of some leaks from XDA Developers, ready to”> we will now see that with the Google Pixel 6 – or eventually with most any device able to run Android 12 – we’ll have a real-deal live translate feature. We’ve been expecting a correct version of this – a truly usable version of this – since when Google first presented Google Goggles to the masses.

We’re not talking about Google Glass, or Google Goggles, where – this isn’t about seeing translations through a small cube of glass reflecting a display. Instead, we’re talking about both seeing and hearing translated words from any language to the other language. It might appear that this feature will launch on the Google Pixel 6 with Android 12 with a BUNCH of choices for languages to translate to. If the user selects English, they’ll see options to translate Messaging, text through photographs, Live Caption (listening to the audio, showing words), and it’ll have Interpreter Mode – love it should!

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It would appear that users will be ready to enable Live Translate within the system settings for the Android device, and not all features will be available for all users right out the gate. English will be the only language with all four features directly; French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese will have a Camera, Messaging, Live Capture. Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Hindi will have a Camera and Messaging. All others will still have the Camera feature present in Google Pixel devices now.

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Stay tuned as Google reveals the Google Pixel 6 altogether its glory SOON. This device will launch quite likely at an equivalent time as Android 12 is released to the general public – cross your fingers for a few surprises, too!