Petition of New World Players Demands Devs Stream Playing Their Own Game

Petition of New World Players Demands Devs Stream Playing Their Own Game

New World users request that the game’s developers provide a stream of them playing the game, as they are dissatisfied with the increase in endgame difficulty.

Fans of Amazon Game Studios’ New World have begun an online petition to have the game’s developers webcast their gameplay live. The Elder Scrolls Online has been compared to the latest MMORPG published in September.

Amazon’s debut into the realm of massively multiplayer online gaming has been a one-of-a-kind experience. New Universe is set in a colonial-style environment rather than a more traditional high-fantasy world like World of Warcraft. Compared to other MMORPGs, the game places a greater emphasis on immersive, moment-to-moment combat, resource collection, and crafting. The New Environment has received accolades from players for its aesthetics and fanciful, often dazzling world design. However, drawbacks like repetitive gameplay, shallow mechanics, difficulty spikes, and a slew of errors and performance issues have been cited as reasons why some gamers may want to avoid New World. Hundreds of thousands of New World players have already abandoned the game just weeks after its release, confirming some of these fears.

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Despite this, New World has a devoted, albeit tiny, following, with many fans eager to witness how the game’s creators cope with some of the game’s contentious issues firsthand. In a post on the New World forums (which was later shared by Redditor Nervbold1 and reported on by Game Rant), the game’s devs are challenged to finish a chest run in Myrkgard, an incredibly difficult endgame zone. The challenge requires having a fixed gear score of about 550-580, playing on a live server, and killing all foes you meet. The message also advises that the stream be turned into a charitable event. Likes on the original forum post are being used to track support for the stream.

People on the forums want the devs to play their own game on a stream. from newworldgame

In November, players bombed New World on Steam because of an update that drastically raised the difficulty of the game’s adversaries. Players continue to say that the modification has made New World less pleasant; thus, attempting to persuade the devs to stream themselves playing the game is, at least in theory, a brilliant idea. But, unfortunately, if the developers accept the players’ challenge, it may end the problem or fuel even more dissatisfaction and disgust.

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Of course, the creators of New World are unlikely to embrace this suggestion. Unless the post in question receives significant attention, it is unlikely to be answered. On the other hand, it will undoubtedly be a sight to witness if the devs decide to conduct a charity feed of them playing the game.

The PC version of New World is presently available.

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