Peak Design Mobile modular magnetic accessory line launches in time for iPhone 13

Peak Design Mobile modular magnetic accessory line launches in time for iPhone 13

Peak Design released their full mobile ecosystem of magnetic and protective accessories today, coordinated with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 13. This collection was a part of a Kickstarter back in December of 2020 and unrolled for general availability for the primary time today. The mobile line starts with the “Everyday Case”, available for iPhone 11, 12, 13, and Samsung Galaxy S21.

Peak Design features a brand name for the magnetic system with their smartphone case and accessories: SlimLink. SlimLink may be a ceramic zirconia insert surrounded by custom-tuned magnets inserted into each Peak Design Everyday Case.

This slimline system doesn’t prohibit Qi-standard wireless charging – so users won’t get to remove their case to use a wireless charging pad. The Everyday Case is thin enough that wireless charging will work and thick enough that it’ll protect a smartphone from harm.

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The launch collection of accessories includes the Everyday Case, the Everyday Loop Case, and a good sort of connecting peripherals. There’s also a Universal Adapter that will be attached to third-party phone cases.

In the Peak Design Mobile collection at launch, there’s a Car Mount, Motorcycle Bar Mount, Motorcycle Stem Mount, ahead Bike Mount, Universal Bar Mount, and a Wall Mount. You’ll also find a Creator Kit, Mobile Tripod, Mobile Wallet, and a Wireless Charging Stand right out the gate.

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Take a peek at our previous features with Peak Design and allow us to know if you’re planning on attaching this series of accessories to your fresh device. We’ll be back with reviews of the lot once we rise close and private with the cases and, therefore, the accessories of all sorts!