payday 2 game crashes when starting heist

payday 2 game crashes when starting heist

Here we can see “payday 2 game crashes when starting heist

How To Fix Payday 2 Crashes When Starting A Heist

You’ve chosen your mask, you’ve planned your strategy, and you’re able to steal.

Unfortunately, as soon as you are trying to start your heist, your game crashes.

Despite being pretty dated at now, PayDay 2 remains to have playability issues.

Crashed software puts a dampener on any caper.

So, what are you able to do?

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Game Crashes on Heist Start

If your game crashes as soon as you are trying to start a heist, you would possibly get a crash log like this:

Crashlog: Application has crashed: access violation

If that happens, start by checking the integrity of your game cache. You’ll find out how to try to do that by following Steam’s instructions here.

If your cache is in fitness, the matter might be with a software conflict. PayDay 2 has several issues when installed alongside external software if you’re using Hamachi, DisplayLink, Overwolf, or a couple of other tools, which may be your problem.

If neither of these fixes work, confirm that you’ve added PayDay 2 to your list of antivirus exceptions. You’ll determine how to add exceptions to your antivirus software by checking out “Antivirus Name Exceptions” on Google.

Remember, if you’ve got any mods on your Payday 2 game, they might cause issues too. If you have a drag with Heisting and people fixes don’t work, try removing all of your mods and adding them back one at a time.

Game Crashes on Launch

So, what if your game crashes a touch bit before a heist?

If the crash occurs on launch, there are a couple of belongings you can try.

  • Windows 10 crashes: If you’re battling crashes on a Windows 10 PC, there could also be a couple of compatibility issues with the Steam Overlay. You’ll turn this off by getting to the Steam Settings menu and unchecking “Enable Steam Overlay in-game”.
  • Compatibility mode: a choice is to run your game in compatibility mode. You’ll do that by getting to the PayDay 2 shortcut and right-clicking to access it. Click on the compatibility tab, then click on “Run in compatibility mode”. Hit Apply, then OK.
  • Move the render_settings file: Corruption may be a common explanation for crashes. Use the Windows key + R to open an inquiry bar, then type %appdata%. Here, you’ll find your Local folder and click on PayDay 2. Next, find the render_settings file and move it to your desktop.
  • Update your drivers: Updating your Nvidia and AMD graphics drivers may be a good way to scale back any risks of crashes on PayDay 2. you would possibly even plan to update Steam at an equivalent time if an update is out there.
  • Delete a file: Deleting the IPHLPAPI.dll file from PayDay 2’s installation folder sometimes fixes crashing and error issues surely players

Fixing Payday 2 Crashes

If your game is crashing on startup, and you’ve tried all of the choices above, you’ll check out running the sport in admin mode. Alternatively, try uninstalling and reinstalling the sport to ensure that there aren’t any damaged files to deal with.

Good luck fixing PayDay 2.

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