Pastbook launches a Google Photos-esque AI-powered photobook app

Pastbook launches a Google Photos-esque AI-powered photobook app

PastBook, an Amsterdam-based startup, has brought its web-to-print photobook service to iOS. It looks and feels very much like something Google would create, thanks to some clever AI integrations. That’s a great thing.

We are approaching a generation that has grown up in a world in which photography is almost entirely digital. However, there is no substitute for artistic prints, family albums, and the aesthetics that come with a physical record of your journey as a shutterbug, subject, or both.

PastBook offers simple photobook solutions. But what is most fascinating (to Neural) about the company’s use of AI?

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Modern iPhones are equipped with amazing cameras, AI, and software. This often means that people take photos of everything. Many of us have thousands upon thousands of images stored on our phones. We might never see them again if we didn’t use memories apps or post them to social media.

PastBook asks for a date and location. Then it sorts through your photos to determine which are the best. This includes identifying duplicates and using computer visualization to determine which images are most likely to be pleasing.

The idea behind the photobook is to make sifting through thousands or hundreds of photos a quick and easy task that produces a book that looks hand-curated.

This works quite well in practice. It creates captivating collages by selecting high-quality images. In addition, it allows you to modify the images and create collage layouts if it doesn’t work out.

PastBook’s interface is not the best. There are very few options. This is not a problem but a warning. This service was designed to be accessible by anyone with an iPhone. You won’t find photo editing or any other complicated functions.

This ‘free app‘ is just a UI for a photobook printer service. This means that you don’t have to download the app if your only interest is printing PastBook products.

We were more interested in the curation of AI. However, it is important to mention that we didn’t review the actual printed products.

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The company offers a satisfaction warranty and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from every platform it has been on. So, everything seems to be going well. However, dissatisfaction is possible with personalized products.