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Microsoft Edge Will Finally Warn You About Closing Multiple Tabs

Microsoft Edge Will Finally Warn You About Closing Multiple Tabs

Microsoft's new browser lacks a couple of modern-day essentials. However, the software giant is rapidly fixing that. Microsoft has been adding lots of great and...

Apple M1-Powered Macs Receive Native Microsoft 365 App Support

The native Microsoft 365 programs should run faster and with much-increased efficiency. Native Microsoft 365 Apps Come to M1 ARM Macs. Microsoft is publishing redesigned versions...

What’s in the latest Firefox upgrade? Browse only over HTTPS

Mozilla this week updated Firefox to model 83, including an"HTTPS-Only Mode" that attempts to link to all sites through the secure HTTPS protocol and,...

6 Fast Ways to Browse the Web Without a Mouse

Not owning a mouse should not keep you from surfing the internet. These programs and extensions are created for keyboard-based browsing. While often it requires...

5 Chrome Alternatives to Browse the Internet in Unique Ways

Chrome could be the king of all browsers nowadays. However, these Chrome options do things differently and offer an unforgettable internet experience. The internet browser...
Top 10 Microsoft products

Top 10 Microsoft products of all time

Microsoft has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two young school dropouts, based...

Top 10 Best Technology Brands in the USA

Nowadays, technology has taken over our lives, and it's connected with our daily life in a big way. Tech is just one of the...

The best antivirus software for 2020

Protect your devices with the best antivirus software packages Fortunately, online security businesses are fighting the great fight - continuously updating their software bundles to...

Microsoft Edge Dev gets new security and privacy features

By way of instance, if you do not permit access to your own storage (files, videos, pictures, etc.), the efforts would be obstructed by...