Oura Ring Generation 3 is a wearable for those who don’t like watches

Oura Ring Generation 3 is a wearable for those who don’t like watches

When it comes to wearables, the most common shape is that of a watch. However, since the introduction of smartphones, many individuals have ceased wearing watches and have no desire to do so. However, because some people dislike wearing wearables on their wrists, some of the fitness and health tracking functions of modern wearables are unavailable. Oura has been creating smart wearables in simple rings for a while now, and the company has just introduced the Generation 3 ring.

The firm has launched the Oura Ring Generation 3 after three years of research and development. Because sleep is the cornerstone for health and well-being, Oura began tracking sleep when it first launched in 2015. According to the business, the ring form factor was chosen because pulse impulses from the finger are substantially stronger than those from the wrist.

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The new third-generation gadget includes features tailored to women’s health, such as a new Menstruation Prediction tool that can anticipate a woman’s period for the next 30 days. The device can notify women six days before their period is expected to begin. Period Prediction can adapt as a woman’s cycle varies, one of its most appealing characteristics.

The third-generation ring also boasts much-improved technology, with three times the number of sensors and 32 times the amount of memory as previous models, while maintaining the same form factor and battery life. Seven temperature sensors, new green and red LEDs and an infrared PPG system are included in the Oura Ring Generation 3.

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The green LEDs can continually monitor heart rate and provide real-time heart rate as needed. A Restorative Time feature detects when the body and mind relax, allowing users to plan their day’s pauses. Improved temperature sensing is updated every minute, allowing consumers to see whether they are becoming ill. The device includes an improved sleep staging algorithm and can record heart rates during workouts. Generation 3 monitors blood oxygen levels during sleep, but this feature won’t be available until next year. The ring is currently available for $299 in a variety of finishes.

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