OPPO tablet leaked with a large screen, new ColorOS for tablets

OPPO tablet leaked with a large screen, new ColorOS for tablets

The tablet market seems to possess experienced a renaissance, partially because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on work, education, and even lifestyles. Apple is unsurprisingly at the highest, leading by an enormous margin against the dwindling number of Android tablet makers. It seems, however, that manufacturers also are reconsidering their mobile portfolios in light of recent global trends, and OPPO, just after its sub-brand Realme, could be the newest to leap thereon bandwagon soon.

Although OPPO has been making smartphones for years, it’s ventured little or no outside of that temperature. It had been only this year, for instance, that it launched its first wearable devices. However, with its expansion to other markets like smart TVs, OPPO seems to be watching ways to tie its growing products together, an outsized screen hub that might be the company’s first tablet.

Revealed by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, this OPPO tablet is nearly a dead knocker for the Huawei MatePad 12.6, which itself takes cues from the iPad Pro’s design. There’s an outsized screen with thin bezels that leave enough room for a front-facing camera. Whether this OPPO tablet also will have a 12.6-inch screen remains unknown at now.

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The leak does include notes about the user experience OPPO has planned for users of the tablet. That version of the company’s ColorOS is designed to seem and feel more like a desktop than a mobile device. That has a persistent dock and desktop widgets which should sound familiar to iPad Pro users.

Android tablets aren’t new, of course, and OPPO seems to be late to the sport. Its goal, however, won’t be to make an all-in-one entertainment and productivity device but a sensible ecosystem hub. When it plans to reveal its first tablet, however, it remains unknown, and therefore the company seems to be more focused on publicizing its imaging technologies at the instant.

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