How to Open Cfg Files on Windows 10 Computers

How to Open Cfg Files on Windows 10 Computers

Here we can see, “How to Open Cfg Files on Windows 10 Computers”

  • CFG files are used by programs to store configuration data used to configure parameters and initial settings.
  • We’ll provide you with the best tools to utilize in this article if you ever need to open a CFG file.

A configuration file, or CFG file, is where program settings and configuration data are kept. Developers use CFG when creating various programs. Different CFG files store data in different formats.

These CFG files frequently go by the name config.cfg and include one line for each variable and value. To view or edit CFG files, text editors are especially necessary for Windows 10.

Windows Report has gathered the top programs for opening CFG files on a Windows 10 computer.

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How can I open CFG files in Windows 10?

1. File Viewer Plus 4

File Viewer Plus is one of the best programs for opening, editing, and even converting more than 400 different file formats.

It has an easy-to-use interface allowing you to explore your files quickly and get previews right in the file browser. Additionally, you can save file locations for easy access.

This software’s ability to open uncommon file formats sets it apart from other programs of a similar nature. Therefore, consider using File Viewer Plus to open any strange files you may have on your computer.

2. Microsoft Notepad

Hundreds of millions of people use the well-known text editor Microsoft Notepad globally. Notepad is a straightforward text editor that is accessible to all Windows operating systems, even though developers mostly use it for basic coding.

You can use the tool to wrap your text while deciding on the text’s font, size, and style. Additionally, Notepad supports approximately fifteen distinct text encoding schemes and CFG file types.

You can still view, edit, and alter CFG source code files even though Notepad is only capable of providing minimal formatting features. As a result, Notepad is a straightforward yet effective text editor for opening CFG files on Windows 10.

As Notepad is already a part of Windows 10, you can open CFG files with it by default.

3. Microsoft WordPad

WordPad is another Microsoft program that can open CFG files in Windows 10. A text editor called Microsoft WordPad combines elements of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Notepad.

With more functionality than Notepad but fewer capabilities than Microsoft Word, it is more of a hybrid text editor.

You can change the typefaces, line spacing, and text format of your text document using the various formatting choices provided by WordPad. Additionally, you can incorporate photos, forms, and links into your text compositions.

Additionally, the program provides sophisticated choices for emailing your papers using Outlook. Compared to Notepad, WordPad supports CFG files and more file formats, such as the.docx format.

WordPad is a useful application to use if you want to open CFG files in Windows 10. Additionally, WordPad is a useful upgrade to Microsoft Notepad because it doesn’t need a lot of graphic details.

4. Notepad++

The text-based editor Notepad++ is comparable to Microsoft Notepad in many ways. Web developers use this application since it offers more tools for modifying code than Notepad.

The editing tool has a tabbed document interface and a drag-and-drop feature.

The application supports many well-known programming languages, including Java, HTML, and C++, because it is mostly used for source code editing.

Notepad++ offers additional functionality and flexibility if you plan to change and edit program CFG files. Additionally, it supports plugins, which CFG files can use to add functionality.

Notepad++ is a fantastic tool for opening CFG files on a Windows 10 PC and a strong text editor that excels at coding and supports other file formats.

5. NoteTab

The text editor NoteTab was created by the Swiss IT company Fookes Software. The distinguished program is renowned for its distinctive HTML editor and flexible text editor.

This program’s search and replace capability lets you change the text selection, the entire document, or even unopened files on your computer. In addition, a special clipboard that includes snippets that can be added to your document location is included with the text editor.

Additionally, CFG files can be opened in NoteTab. It supports CFG file formats, allowing you to edit and alter your files. It is a great coding tool and supports other formats like HTML and CSS.

Although NoteTab cannot be downloaded for free, a 30-day trial is available.

6. PSPad

Free and useful text editor PSPad is accessible on Windows OS, particularly Windows 10. With a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, this editor enables you to perform basic editing on source files.

With its built-in code editor, PSPad offers a variety of text formatting options, making it the perfect tool for programming.

PSPad enables for the viewing and alteration of CFG format files and supports them. Consequently, you can open CFG files with PSPad.

Additionally, this program features a converter that changes file types and supports formats like HTML and CSS.

7. Apache OpenOffice

A widely used alternative to Microsoft’s office suite is Apache OpenOffice. The package includes a writer and a word processor with much more sophisticated features than a notepad.

Numerous file types, notably CFG files, are supported by Apache OpenOffice Writer, including.doc and.docx files. Additionally, OpenOffice Writer enables you to carry out various tasks like text and spell checking as well as document formatting.

The application provides a standard layout and offers numerous formatting examples for your usage. In addition, CFG files and other well-known text file types like DOCX, RTF, TXT, and HTML can be opened by OpenOffice Writer.

When using CFG files in Windows 10, OpenOffice Writer is a solid option and a good word processor.

There is software available that can open CFG format files, but the programs discussed in this article offer additional functionality and simplify editing CFG files.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. In Windows, how do I open a CGF file?

Open Windows File Explorer at the file’s location to access the native Notepad software to open a CFG file. If Windows identifies the CFG file automatically, double-click it to launch Notepad. Alternatively, you can choose Open With from the context menu when you right-click the CFG file.

2. Which app opens configuration files?

To open a CONFIG file, you need the proper program, such as Visual Studio. If you don’t have the right software, Windows will ask you, “How do you wish to open this file?” or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android warning like “Windows cannot open this file.”

3. How may a CFG file be converted?

Click “File” -> “Save” in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. In the “File Name” box, give the file a name and add the. “cfg” extension after it. Press “Save.” The program directory where you want to adjust should be where you save the file.

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