OnePlus has a new wallpaper app that tracks your smartphone usage

OnePlus has a new wallpaper app that tracks your smartphone usage

Many people probably know that it’s probably not great to be glued into our phones all day. However, we can not allow it. Occasionally we get overly fussy and only wind up spending hours on end on our cellular devices, which explains why companies such as Google have introduced electronic health features made to help us manage our own time.

It is not always so simple because time could fly, but OnePlus believes it can do a much better job. The business recently announced its fresh Wallpaper program. This is fundamentally a desktop program, except that it’ll have the ability to supply consumers with visual cues along with living monitoring of the smartphone use from the background itself.

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This usually means that if you are using your phone, you will have the ability to tell just how much you are using it or have used it, and then hopefully, it will be sufficient for one to have a rest. According to the program’s description:

“Together with the ever-rising use of smartphones, there has never been a greater need to remain conscious of everything and how long you are using yours. Wallpaper is an electronic health tool made by OneLab, an experiential applications team in OnePlus. It exhibits a lively live background according to your smartphone use information, letting you visualize and understand your own daily phone display time.”

There is an assortment of styles which you can pick from based on your wants, and also the best part is the fact it’s completely free of charge. So if you are thinking about checking it out, you may download it in the Google Play Store.

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