OnePlus Buds Pro are here, should you buy or ditch

OnePlus Buds Pro are here, should you buy or ditch

Finally, the OnePlus Buds Pro was launched. It is the company’s “most advanced listening device” and now includes the third set of TWS earbuds. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the new advanced earbuds, which were revealed along with the OnePlus Nord 2.

These buds represent a significant improvement on the OnePlus Buds Pro that was released last year. OnePlus is looking to compete with the most popular options on the market, and the new pair of buds will be a big step forward. So should you buy the Buds Pro now or wait to see what other options are available? Let’s get into the details so you can make an informed decision.

Design and looks

The original OnePlus Buds have been redesigned with shorter stems, a horn-like driver profile, and a streamlined design. The new design gives them a modern aesthetic that flows flawlessly. The dual-tone design with matte plastic on the upper and cool shiny metal plating on the stems is a great complement.

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It is certainly different from other options, and we love it. Its charging case now features a flat profile rather than the vertical profile of the original. This allows for the earbuds to rest in a more comfortable position. Wireless charging aesthetics are also made possible by Qi-certified mats/pads.

A third design feature worth noting is the ability to use silicone replacement ear tips in three sizes instead of the previous. This allows you to get the perfect fit and helps block out any ambient noises that could hinder the ANC’s ability to function like a charm.

Specifications and features

Smart adaptive noise cancellation is the most important feature of the OnePlus Buds Pro. This allows you to adjust the level of active noise cancellation depending on the surrounding environment. In addition, each earbud has three microphones, which can filter noise levels up to 40dB. This is a significant advantage over ANC earbuds with a limited number of presets.

The dynamic driver of 11mm delivers a powerful sound, and the Dolby Atmos audio makes the earbuds a joy to listen to. The Zen Mode Air feature allows you to create white noise quickly via your headphones or the Hey Melody App.

The OnePlus Buds Pro features the most recent Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. This promises a stable connection and a 94ms Pro Gaming mode. The new accessory’s IP55 water- and dust resistance rating makes it ideal for running and workouts. The charging case also has an IPX4 rating for water resistance, which is a bonus for outdoor enthusiasts.

Charging and battery life

The OnePlus Buds Pro’s battery can last seven hours on a single recharge without ANC or five hours with ANC enabled. This can be extended to a maximum of 28 hours with ANC and 38 hours when using the charging case.

The Warp Charging technology provides fast charging support that puts the earbuds slightly ahead of their competition. If you own the phone, the Warp Charging technology allows for a 10-hour playback and only 10-minutes of charging via USB-C.

Release date and price

All earbuds will be available in Europe starting August 25 and in the U.S. on September 1, 2021. The release date might be slightly earlier than the AirPods 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which could give them a slight edge to win over-eager buyers. The OnePlus Buds Pro is available in white and matte black colors.

The OnePlus Buds Pro will be available at $149, which is a significant increase from the initial $79. They are much more feature-rich and look better than the predecessor. Moreover, they are affordable due to their ANC mode. They do, however, come in a close second to the AirPods Pro.

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There are many options to consider

There are many options. The best ones in terms of price and features are AirPods Pro, Beats, and LG TONE free FN7. It is important to have four options, as each one has its unique features.

Beats Studio Buds can be a viable option if the price is a concern. This depends on the features you are most interested in. LG TONE FreeFN7 earbuds offer the best overall package. This is due to their combination of features (bacteria-killing ultravioletnano tech) and the reasonable price.

AirPods Pro adds features such as transparency mode and a few extra microphones. However, the devices are very similar. OnePlus is a step ahead of Apple in comparisons such as battery life, water-resistance rating, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The upcoming Nothing Ear (1) earbuds from Carl Pei (ex-co-owner OnePlus) are not missed. The ANC earbuds come at a competitive price at $99 and boast many impressive features. This niche product was the first to be developed by the tech wizard and backed by many big names in the audio-tech industry.

Take a bow

The Buds Pro is OnePlus’s best product yet. The Chinese OEM offers a competitive feature set that will appeal to all buyers for the price. OnePlus has made a significant improvement over the previous offerings, and audio enthusiasts will be delighted to use them. The availability of the OnePlus products has been made public. You can now decide if you want to wait for the Galaxy Buds 2 or AirPods 3.

In the present situation, however, there’s no reason to avoid the Buds Pro. The final decision on whether the Buds Pro will be approved or rejected depends on how they look on paper. The earbuds are attractive on paper and should perform well in real life.

They are a sure yes for us at this time. They stand out from others who still follow a more or less similar design approach due to their attractive design.

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