Oculus VR owners can now watch Vudu 3D movies on Quest headsets

Oculus VR owners can now watch Vudu 3D movies on Quest headsets

If you have a Quest headset, Fandango’s Vudu streaming service is now available to Oculus users. Customers may rent and buy digital movies from the platform, then watch them on several devices, including the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. This is excellent news for 3D movie fans who own a headset.

Vudu, which Fandango purchased from Walmart, offers a variety of free video, some of which is charged. Those who prefer to buy digital movies rather than watch them on streaming services flock to the site in droves. Vudu, for instance, has a few hundred 3D movie titles.

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Streaming 3D movies on a virtual reality headset will, of course, deliver the exact immersive experience as watching 3D movies in cinemas, but not quite at the same level of quality. In any case, using VR headsets to watch content delivers a quiet, peaceful experience in one’s theatre.

Vudu is one of a growing number of services that support the Oculus Rift, with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube among them. For other entertainment requirements, the Oculus Quest headsets support casting material using a Chromecast.

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Vudu claims to have more than 200,000 titles, including 4K UHD and Dolby Vision titles. Users who want to try out the novelty of watching movies on a virtual reality headset without paying for material can do so in the “Free” area of the app.

Source: slashgear