No More Robots Announces Their Next Game Heist Simulator

No More Robots Announces Their Next Game Heist Simulator

No More Robots announced their latest game, Heist Simulator, available in the simulator pool. If the name wasn’t enough to tell you, it’s just like every other simulator game where you will be doing something different from others in real life. However, this time it’s the criminal element. SkyBagel and RogueCode are the developers of the game. The game requires you to hire a team, plan a strategy, figure out how you will escape, and then get out with your goal. The trailer can be viewed below, as the game does not yet have a release date. If they don’t say 2021, then we’ll not see it until 2022.

Lights, Camera, and HEIST! Get your best team together and hack, unlock, solve, and disguise your way into stealing England’s most treasured tats and schmoozing. Once you are a master thief and have mastered the art of stealing, you can take our tools to your advantage and make your perfect heist.

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You can use Heist Simulator’s Level Editor to create the burglary, story, or home plan you have always wanted. You can draw your perfect location and then fill it with thousands of decorations, props, and interactives. Then upload it to HeistCloud to share it with the world! You can browse the Heist Cloud to see campaigns and levels that other players have uploaded. These heists are worth a rating, a recommendation to your friends, or a source of inspiration. Make your heists the best! You will need to plan your route around guards and lasers as well as other obstacles. Once you have a plan in place, get your team started, and you can watch the heist unfold in real-time, showing every close call and exciting moment.