No Mods Or Command Blocks Are Required To Create The Minecraft Vanishing Bookshelf Illusion

No Mods Or Command Blocks Are Required To Create The Minecraft Vanishing Bookshelf Illusion

Without mods or command blocks, one Minecraft user has created a vanishing bookcase optical illusion that tricks the eye.

A reality-defying experience Without the use of modifications or command blocks, a Minecraft illusion depicting a vanishing bookcase was produced using only well-timed Redstone engineering and pistons. Even a decade after Minecraft’s initial release, people continue to develop astounding new builds, demonstrating that Mojang’s popular voxel world has seemingly infinite potential. While regular updates like Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2 help to keep the game fresh, it’s the committed engineers that eventually push the boundaries of what’s possible in the virtual sandbox.

Mojang isn’t alone in creating new content for Minecraft, as the modding community continues to create intriguing mods that improve the game. Minecraft players frequently use mods to enhance what is possible in the voxel environment; one such mod turns Minecraft into a real-time strategy game. However, some of the best builds don’t use any mods and instead rely on the game’s vanilla characteristics. For example, Redstone engineering allows users to create full-fledged electronics, and gamers have previously used Redstone to create supercomputers and graphing calculators in Minecraft. Even veteran builders are stumped by some of the projects that Redstone has to offer.

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Without mods or command blocks, Reddit user claytations created a vanishing bookshelf illusion in Minecraft, and the vanilla build fools the eye for a moment. A stone wall with two one-block-wide apertures to another room is shown in the film. When looking through the left side glass, the player can see a row of bookshelves on the far side of the room; however, that same bookcase is gone when looking through the right side window. The right and left block-sized gaps are occasionally interrupted by a dark screen that obscures the room’s view, giving the impression that the bookshelf is disappearing. Clayton, it turns out, employed precisely timed pistons to create the optical effect.

Made in vanilla with no commands. Perhaps it will fool you for a minute. from Minecraft

Many optical illusions have been created by Minecraft gamers, such as one player’s ever-changing Minecraft maze, which confuses entrants. Claytations’ vanishing bookshelf illusion is achieved by employing Redstone repeaters and sticky pistons to create moving bookshelves in the room. A piston with a black concrete block is synced with the fading bookshelf on the right window to make it appear as though it’s disappearing on its own. The black concrete piston on the left is timed to the visible state of the bookshelf. The optical illusion works because when the concrete piston drops, the player will see bookshelves on the left side, but the bookshelves on the right side will have vanished since the pistons obscure the bookshelf’s piston action from view.

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The vanishing bookcase illusion’s beauty was built without mods or command blocks, and Clayton completed the build using solely vanilla Minecraft capabilities, including Redstone engineering. The optical illusion can easily trick the untrained eye, and a skilled Minecraft player can only decipher it.

Minecraft is a game that may be played on any platform.

Source: claytations/Reddit