Nintendo Unveils the New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

Nintendo Unveils the New Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally revealed details about the successor to the Switch console.

Clue: It isn’t the Switch Pro.

Introducing Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

The new Nintendo Switch is now available! Although it’s not yet known, we speculate that the latest Nintendo Switch will be released in October 2021. This is just in time to help Nintendo capitalize on the holiday season.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be available in the US starting October 8th, 2021. It will cost $349.99. It might be surprising that it is so cheap, but there’s a reason why it doesn’t cost more than the current Nintendo Switch.

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What Features Does the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Have?

This is… Nintendo, it’s awkward. The updated Switch is not only the most boring name on the planet, but it also lacks an abundance of unique additional features.

What are we then looking at?

The name is a little misleading at first, but the main feature Nintendo is raving about is the new screen. The OLED (organic-light-emitting diode screen) is what it is, so it should look amazing.

It will, at least when it is used as a handheld console. The screen will not work if the device is in its dock connected to the TV. Is it 4K? It is not. It’s not.

The screen measures 7 inches, so there is more space to look at while taking in OLED goodness.

The new OLED Model Switch will allow you to play in tabletop mode with an extra-wide flip stand.

Are you still with us? Is the excitement too much?

A built-in LAN port is also available on the dock. So you can now play online with a stable internet connection. You know that playing Switch online can be very demanding on your internet connection.

Nintendo has increased the internal storage capacity by double, so that the Switch (OLED) now comes with 64GB of memory onboard, instead of 32GB as the current Switch. This is perfect if you have a lot of digital games.

Nintendo claims that the enhanced audio allows you to enjoy the sound from the speakers with higher quality than before (according to Nintendo).

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Is That It, Nintendo?

That’s it. There is no talk about resolving drift issues, which still plague the console (alongside many other consoles). There is no 4K output, but you may not need it anyway.

Some people might be disappointed by this somewhat disappointing news. However, it will be a relief for Switch owners who already own the Switch or Switch light. There is no need to purchase the new console.