Nintendo Switch OLED is ‘Joy-Con Drift’ Prone–Controller Issue Will Continue Despite Upgrades

Nintendo Switch OLED is 'Joy-Con Drift' Prone--Controller Issue Will Continue Despite Upgrades

The usual Nintendo Switch issue is that the Joy-con drift which many users complain about. The new Switch OLED Model looks promising and excellent with its key features like a much bigger screen and LAN support, but the Japanese gaming giant has not remedied the matter with the controller.

Nintendo Switch OLED Still Bears Joy-Con Drift Issue 

Nintendo Switch OLED might introduce a replacement set of features like LAN port and improved audio, but still, it’s not yet solved the Joy-Con drift issue.

When the primary Nintendo Switch came to call in 2017, the first problem that users experienced was the difficulty within the Joy-Con drift. Some players buy a replacement Joy-Con to unravel the matter. However, other players find it to be an enormous nuisance even for the newly-bought gaming consoles.

Indeed, the Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t the rumored 4K Switch with an upgraded processor, but still, its outstanding features from its screen and kickstand became a game-changer to the community.

Unfortunately, albeit the OLED model has been amazing due to its better and wider screen, a LAN port, and a newly-improved audio system, some players are still disappointed that Nintendo didn’t concentrate on developing a Joy-Con drift-free model.

According to The Verge, on Saturday, July 10, there was a confirmation from Nintendo that the Nintendo Switch OLED model didn’t alter the configuration of the Joy-Con controller. 

The news outlet reached the corporate about the new white Joy-Cons, which might answer the difficulty. However, the Switch maker didn’t elaborate further on its explanation.

For those that want to possess the new Nintendo Switch OLED, be mindful that your console remains susceptible to Joy-Con drift. Its upgrade is merely limited to some features–and not on its controller.

Nintendo Knows the Joy-Con Drift Issues

On Monday, June 12, Gizmodo reported that Nintendo is “aware” of the Joy-Con drift reports. For further questions regarding your controller repair, you’ll click here to hunt for some help.

The growing Joy-Con struggle has become one of the problems that the gaming community continues to face for several years. In Australia, some users enjoy their rights to a free Joy-Con repair due to the Australian Consumer Law.

Joy-Con Drift Issue isn’t Limited to Nintendo Switch.

The controller-related problem isn’t just for Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift issue. Xbox is additionally affected by it. the rationale why this issue exists is due to the in-system potentiometer, which could be undergoing some “wear-and-tear.” 

Over time when the users tap the controller, the sensitivity of the potentiometer declines. This is often where the Joy-Con drift issue starts affecting the effectiveness of the prevailing controllers. If you would like to repair the difficulty, here are the steps to assist you together with your Joy-Con issues.

In the future, users could potentially see the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro that journalist Jeff Grubb believes in arriving. Besides its possible 4K output and an important chipset that would allow computer-gaming levels, maybe Nintendo could now address the Joy-Cons with this release.