NFL Sunday Ticket games may be coming to Apple’s streaming platform

NFL Sunday Ticket games may be coming to Apple’s streaming platform

As the NFL’s 8-year Sunday Ticket affects DirecTV nears its end, the League looks to Apple as its ideal replacement, consistent with a replacement report. Multiple companies are said to be prospective destinations for the League’s Sunday games, including Amazon (which is already home to Thursday Night Football) and Disney for ESPN.

The claim comes from sources speaking with The Athletic, which claims that the NFL wants Apple to be the new company behind its Sunday Ticket. The package is about to expire after nearly a decade with DirecTV, the League’s long-term partner. An Apple package could also be a touch different from what DirecTV has, as well.

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The insiders claim that an NFL Sunday Ticket under Apple may include some notable changes, including the potential for football fans to get a standalone game or maybe purchase all of the out-of-market games for one particular team. A more tailored approach like that might arguably be better for sports fans who may only be interested in select games.

The report cites a source who alleged that “everything is on the table,” but the NFL hasn’t confirmed any of the small print, and therefore the report claims that nothing has been finalized at this point. It’s possible the Sunday Ticket package won’t ultimately attend Apple, which likewise has remained quiet about the rumour.

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The NFL is reportedly looking to urge another $2 billion per annum on top of the prevailing contract price, which is claimed to be around $1.5 billion yearly on the average for DirecTV. It doesn’t appear that AT&T will pen a replacement that affects the League to stay the Sunday Ticket. Amazon has already scored Thursday Night Football, and it remains possible it’s going to get the Sunday Ticket, as well.