New Pokemon Unite update arrives this week, but don’t get too excited

New Pokemon Unite update arrives this week, but don’t get too excited

There’s a replacement update for Pokemon Unite inbound, and while it does make some changes to the game, it won’t be as substantial as some players were hoping for. Indeed, it looks like a quiet week for Pokemon Unite, as just one Pokemon is being changed with this update: Blissey. So, while Blissey mains could also be proud of the content of this update, other players may certainly find it lacking.

Of course, it’s hard to understand all of the specifics when Tencent and, therefore, the Pokemon Company are vague about significant portions of this update. Within the patch notes for the incoming update – which matches sleep in Pokemon Unite on September 8th at 12 AM PDT/3 AM EDT – the two companies say that it’ll include bug fixes, text fixes, and shop updates. Specifics are nowhere to be found, so we’re left wondering just what bugs are fixed with this patch.

One area where we do have specifics is within the changes headed to Blissey, and it’s just like the Pokemon is getting some big buffs with this patch. Blissey’s Special Defense will be increased within the update, while Safeguard and its upgrade, Safeguard+, are certainly some improvements.

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Following the patch, the base-level Safeguard will remove all status conditions from Blissey and a target ally Pokemon before giving both Pokemon a shield that creates them resistant to hindrances while active. additionally , the cooldown for Safeguard has been reduced, while the world of effect has been increased. Finally, Safeguard+, unlocked at level 12, will increase the quantity of injury nullified by the shield.

Those are all of the Pokemon changes shipping along side this patch, so it’s indeed a little one. You’ll inspect the linked patch notes above for more on this update, but otherwise, search for it to drop by the first morning hours of September 8th.

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