New Nintendo Console Plans Hint At Switch Successor

New Nintendo Console Plans Hint At Switch Successor

Nintendo is starting to talk about its future system now that the Nintendo Switch is in its “middle period,” according to the company.

A company conference hinted at plans for a new Nintendo system, implying that a reported Switch 2 could be in the conceptual stages. However, since the Nintendo Switch in 2017, Nintendo hasn’t released hardware that compares to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Instead, the business has regularly launched upgrades of its console, the most recent of which was the Nintendo Switch Lite and Switch OLED. As a result, many people wonder when Nintendo would make the much-anticipated leap in console technology, as demand for its new-gen competitors continues to climb.

Nintendo Switch OLED evaluations at the time said it was the greatest Switch model yet, with important differences distinguishing it from the standard and Lite versions. While the Switch OLED’s hardware didn’t go all the way to 4K, it did push a few boundaries that older models couldn’t. In addition, the Nintendo Switch OLED’s bright 7-inch OLED screen and better audio contributed to the console’s success. Still, high sales don’t necessarily signal Nintendo to move on to a more significant hardware modification or successor console anytime soon. Instead, it supports Nintendo’s position that the Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle, which means it might be several years before a possible Switch 2 is phased out. There have been signs of Nintendo’s next system being discussed at the firm for some time, but it appears that even Nintendo isn’t sure when the device will be released.

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Nintendo executives discussed the likelihood of a new Nintendo system, presumably the Switch 2, in a briefing described on Twitter by investment advisor David Gibson (via VGC). Nintendo seeks to give its next unique entertainment experience. The “next game system” could see a debut window shortly. However, Nintendo didn’t say much about the “20xx next gen device,” instead reiterating the Switch’s status as being in the “middle portion of [its] life cycle.” Nintendo wants to capitalize on the Switch OLED’s recent introduction with a “broad variety of software line-up,” according to the company. On the other hand, Nintendo is putting money into “internal discussion on concept, timing,” as well as everything else that goes into creating, building, and launching a new Nintendo platform.

It’s unknown how far Nintendo has progressed with the development of the Switch’s replacement system. However, the management briefing indicates that a brand new console, rather just minor Nintendo Switch hardware improvements, is being considered. While the Switch still has over 6,000 games and 79 million annual users, it’s feasible that buyers may get Switch fatigue if Nintendo continues to offer minor updates to the console. The conference did indicate that Nintendo is investing $900 million to boost its game production capabilities, so it’s possible that the Nintendo Switch 2 won’t be released until the 2017 device has been pushed to its limits.

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Nintendo appears to be doubling down on all elements of its entertainment empire, focusing on film adaptations of its popular IPs, Nintendo Switch game investment, and the expansion of the Nintendo brand to real-world experiences like Super Nintendo World. Unfortunately, while this expansion may be thrilling to some, people hoping for a next-generation Nintendo system will likely be disappointed for some time following the Switch OLED.

Source: David Gibson/Twitter (via VGC)