New iPhone Headphone Jack: The Design You Haven’t Seen!

New iPhone Headphone Jack: The Design You Haven’t Seen!

Here we can see, “New iPhone Headphone Jack: The Design You Haven’t Seen!”

Apple isn’t scared to get rid of commonplace technologies to make room for slimmer gadgets. Apple removed the DVD drive from the MacBook Air in 2008. When Apple debuted the iPhone 5 with the Lightning cord in 2012, they did away with the 30-pin dock connector cable — but they did sell an adaptor. For months, rumours have circulated regarding a new, smaller iPhone headphone jack. It’s not whether or not Apple will produce a new headphone jack; it’s a question of when.

New iPhone Headphone Jacks: Three Possibilities

Several blogs published photos from an Apple patent for a D-shaped headphone jack last year (shown here). I researched and discovered that Apple submitted a second patent for a new headphone jack-less than a month later, which appears a lot more “Apple” than the photos you may have already seen.

I’ll go over the three options for the future of iPhone headphone jacks as I see them in this article: You’ve undoubtedly seen the D-shaped connector, but you haven’t seen the Dual orientation connector with side contacts, and you haven’t seen the headphone jack at all.

Patent #1: D-shaped Connector

Last year, Apple filed a patent for a D-shaped headphone jack, prompting many experts to predict that the iPhone 7 would use this design. The patent shows Apple halving the headphone jack that we all know and love.

This does not strike me as particularly “Apple.” I’ve never seen Apple simply cut a modern piece of technology in half. It’s also, perhaps more crucially, unsightly. Apple does not tolerate ugliness.

Patent #2: Dual orientation connector with side contacts

Apple filed a patent named Dual orientation connection with side contacts on June 20, 2011, just a few weeks after filing the first patent. I’ve highlighted a couple of parts of the patent abstract that I think are particularly intriguing:

Intuitive insertion orientation? When inserted and removed, does it feel smooth and consistent? Apple, come on, let’s keep things clean!

Apple presents the current iPhone headphone jack beside a micro-USB headphone jack variant made by other firms in the patent to emphasize their flaws:

The redesigned headphone connector is depicted in multiple drawings provided by Apple:

The patent depicts a connector having reversible left/right audio channels, as well as microphone and ground connections:

Apple also shows how the headphone jack on an iPhone or other device would look:

This connector, in any case, looks and feels a lot more “Apple” than patent #1. It appears to be a natural partner for the Lightning cable. This is the design I’m betting on for the upcoming iPhone headphone jack.

Option 3: Ditch The Headphone Jack

Do I believe Apple will eventually remove the iPhone’s headphone jack? Absolutely. Do I believe they’ll be able to get rid of it now? Certainly not.

Apple isn’t afraid to ruffle customers’ feathers, but they aren’t foolish. It will be difficult to persuade people to purchase adapters for their headphones, let alone abandon them totally. If given the option to choose between a phone with a headphone jack and one without, many individuals would choose the latter.

Another significant benefit of utilizing wired headphones is that they do not require charging because they do not run on batteries.

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Will I Be Able To Use My Headphones With The iPhone 7?

Well, isn’t that the million-dollar question? Yes, I believe the answer is unmistakable with an adaptor. In the patent for the dual-orientation headphone port, Apple even includes a graphic of what appears to be an adapter.

Apple has adapters for almost everything: MagSafe to MagSafe 2, 30-pin Dock Connector Cable to Lightning Cable, Lightning Cable to Micro USB (Thanks EU! ), Thunderbolt to… you get the idea.

My Prediction

Here’s what I anticipate will happen: Apple will ship the iPhone 7 with a new headphone jack and a $10 converter that will allow current headphones to function with the new jack. I’ll go even further out on a limb and predict that the iPhone 7 will come with new Bluetooth Earpods, which will retail for $49.

Disclaimer: I could be completely wrong on anything.

What Do You Think?

Apple is well-known for keeping its product plans under wraps. “When is the iPhone 7 coming out?” someone is currently asking an Apple Store Specialist. The truth is that Apple Store personnel know no more than you or me about impending Apple products. But guessing isn’t a bad idea!


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. Is the iPhone’s headphone jack coming back?

Although the iPhone lacks a headphone jack, it does include a Lightning port. This port is generally used for charging, although it can also be used to transmit data. Pioneer’s Rayz earbuds are the best of the businesses that have produced headphones that connect straight to an iPhone’s Lightning connection.

2. Is there a headphone jack on the new iPhone 11?

There are no headphone jacks on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Max. This will anger any audiophile who has invested in a fine pair of wired headphones or any music lover who isn’t interested in the good, but not fantastic, Apple Airpod true wireless earbuds.

3. Is there a headphone jack on the iPhone SE in 2021?

Some Apple fans hoped that the iPhone SE 3 would be the exception to this trend, but it’s just another iPhone without a headphone jack.

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I think a 3.5 mm headphone jack is a necessity in a smartphone and absence of it just diminishes the user experience for me , what are your thoughts ? from apple

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