Netflix Games Releases On App With Stranger Things & More Mobile Games

Netflix Games Releases On App With Stranger Things & More Mobile Games

Netflix Games has announced the launch of its first wave of mobile games, two of which are based on Netflix’s hit TV show Stranger Things.

Stranger Things 3: The Game and 1984 are two mobile games that the Netflix Games division is releasing for the Netflix smartphone app. Earlier in 2021, the movie and TV streaming behemoth announced its plans to expand into the world of video games, promising to offer Netflix Games to existing Netflix subscribers at no additional cost.

While Netflix has stated that its new gaming division will initially focus on more miniature, mobile-based games, there have been rumors of a possible partnership with PlayStation – though neither company has confirmed this. It seems unlikely given that Sony already has a subscription-based service in the form of PlayStation Now. In more concrete news, Netflix announced that it had acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio as the first of its in-house developers in September. In addition, the company has teased original titles based on popular shows like Squid Game and games from second and third-party studios.

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On November 2, Netflix Game Development Vice President Mike Verdu unveiled the first wave of mobile-based video games that will be available on the Netflix app, including the retro-themed Stranger Things 3: The Game and Stranger Things: 1984 (both developed by BonusXP), Shooting Hoops and Teeter Up (both produced by Frosty Pop), and Card Blast (both developed by Card Blast) (Amuzo & Rogue Games). Starting today, Netflix subscribers with Android phones will be able to play these five games for no additional charge. In addition, they can be played on multiple devices using different profiles without requiring an internet connection. On the other hand, Netflix Games will not be available on Kid’s profiles due to parental controls. Netflix Games’ mission statement is to “design games for any level of play and every kind of player,” and the company promises more titles in the future.

Stranger Things 3: The Game and Stranger Things: 1984 were previously available on other platforms before being picked up by Netflix Games as launch titles. Beginning Netflix Games’ library with two titles based on Stranger Things is fitting, as the popular supernatural series has previously spawned numerous tie-in video games, including Stranger Things: The Game in 2017 and Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales in 2018. There have also been multiple Stranger Things crossovers with other games, such as the Stranger Things Dead by Daylight DLC, discontinued on November 17.

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Netflix is already a household name for streaming movies and TV shows, so its gaming division may compete with existing mobile game subscription services like Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade. Only time will tell if Netflix Games will be as successful as the company’s mainstreaming ventures, but the company’s first round of mobile games could be a promising start.

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