Netflix app for Android gets Fast Laughs and Play Something features

Netflix app for Android gets Fast Laughs and Play Something features

Netflix is bringing two major features to Android users, allowing them to access the same functionality that has previously only been available on smart TVs and iPhones. Play Something, and Fast Laughs are the two features; the latter is currently only available on iOS, while Play Something is only available on TVs.

When you can’t stop mindlessly scrolling through the seemingly endless options, the Play Something feature is exactly what it sounds like: a tool for playing Something. Some users have dubbed the feature a shuffle button because of the way it works: Choose to Play Something, and Netflix will provide you with a random piece of content to watch.

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Starting today, Netflix subscribers will be able to watch Play Something on their Android phones and tablets; the feature is rolling out globally, but it may take some time to reach your devices.

When it arrives, Play Something will use Netflix’s information about you to recommend a show or movie that it thinks you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, Netflix subscribers on Android now have access to the Fast Laughs feature, which provides a feed of short video clips from the company’s comedy library.

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The Fast Laughs feature has been available on iOS for a while. Still, it is now available on Android for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and a few other countries. This is a significant update for Android users who watch content primarily on their tablet or phone, but nothing else changes on other platforms.

Source: slashgear