Nest Thermostat bug disables Google Home app control w/ endless account migration loop

Nest Thermostat bug disables Google Home app control

Suppose you are an owner of a Nest Thermostat that you may be experiencing a bothersome bug weekly. It seems that some Nest Thermostat owners have been dropping entry of the apparatus via the Google Home program because of an account migration difficulty.

Here is what is happening. Nest Thermostat owners on Twitter, Reddit, and yours truly cannot control the apparatus via the Google Home program. When trying to accomplish this, the program pops up a Nest accounts migration page which users can not skip. When trying this migration procedure, however, it fails. The main reason is uncertain. However, I know I have already silenced my Nest accounts to Google, so this could be the underlying dilemma for why the migration is currently neglecting.

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What is especially peculiar about this bug, even however, is the newest Nest Thermostat is not connected to a Nest accounts. Therefore migration should not matter at the first location. The problem will seem to be occurring past the new version. However, also impacting the Nest Thermostat E out of reports we have seen up to Now.

Google has yet to openly comment on this particular problem past generic answers on Twitter; therefore, it is uncertain when a repair will roll outside. While controllers inside the Google Home program are disabled due to the insect, controls given by Google Assistant are working as planned.

If you are affected by this issue, drop a comment below. We will update this content if Google admits the issue and if it’s solved.