Navien Tankless Error Code 38

Navien Tankless Error Code 38

Navien tankless water heater: Evidence code 38

My Navien tankless water heater (version 240A) ceased working all of a sudden. After launching the cover, then I discovered code 38E shown on the controller board. But this error code wasn’t discovered in the manual.

By Navien’s FAQs:

“I don’t have any error codes in my distance. However, my device won’t create hot water. What if I do?

The matter is most likely the leak sensor within the device isn’t spinning correctly.

We advocate opening and shutting the strain relief valve (if be found close to the socket of the device ). Based on the quantity of debris impacting the flow detector, this can aid temporarily. But, again, we advocate you contacted your initial NSS to support the detector.”

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Additionally, I discovered this 38 error code recorded here cites checking the water leak detector. Based on several different discussion boards, it is the main cause for many others who experienced an identical errors.


Fortunately, it’s never overly tough to take it away and examine the water leak detector. As a result of YouTuber Tredsaw12, who made this step-by-step manual, I managed to pull on the water leak detector. If that is the first time with the water heater, I’d suggest you check this movie by Skobel Homes to comprehend this better.

After taking the detector, try leaning it. You need to hear some sound since there’s a little gear indoors. Otherwise, it is likely stuck that failed. Next, check if there is any congestion inside and wash it. Next, try running water—also, attempt blowing air through it with your mouth. Finally, it would help if you felt that the equipment inside is rotating.

And after that, you only have to reverse the procedure and set it back with them. Then, hopefully, your water heater will begin functioning again. Otherwise, you might want to substitute the water leak detector or call an expert for additional inspection. Fantastic luck!

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Navien NR-240A Troubles (Error 38)

We ran into a problem using all our Navien NR-240A this particular weekend. The heater was operating more easily for 18+ weeks, and we had not had any significant problems since the faulty component, which was from the apparatus when it had been set up.

Yesterday was July 4th, and we had company coming over. A few hours ahead of our guests had been scheduled to arrive, my wife asked me whether there is a reason we did not have warm water. Um, no…

I moved down to the cellar and assessed the Navien NR-240A. No error messages about your thermostat. However, it was not functioning because it should’ve been. I unplugged the device, waited a moment, and then plugged it back in. I waited a couple of minutes along with the heater appeared to be running, and so that I turned to the sink. I’d warm water, but it immediately got chilly. I moved back into the furnace, and it was showing me that 38 errors. I checked the manual, and it indicated the difficulty had to perform a water leak (check the flow pump, assess the leak detector, assess the water consumption ). I was gambling the difficulty was using the flow detector as it appeared like the flow system was functioning (albeit temporarily ) and that I had flowing water.

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I called the people that set up on water heater. I clarified the matter, and they explained since it had been a vacation and that was warranty work, they would not have the ability to emerge until the following day, but we would be towards the top of the list. I said, alright. We observed that the fourth and I just poured some water to the stove to wash dishes.

At 10 am, we hadn’t learned from your plumber. Thus we chose to call. Unfortunately, we were not on their record — seemingly, the man I talked to the day earlier did not telephone our phone. Thank you, Max. They informed us they’d come out in the day, also known around 1 pm to mention they were going for some time, and known again about 5 pm and stated they had been 30 minutes off.

After working around the heater for approximately two hours, the tech (Jeff, the identical gentleman who set up the heater and that was good ) stated he had solved the situation. He’d done some regular maintenance (cleaning displays ) and removed the leak detector apart, and washed it (seemingly as he’s required to perform by Navien before substituting it). He detected no observable issues and stated that he appeared to have fixed the issue. I paid him ($200). He abandoned.

Approximately ten minutes after my wife called me and said we did not have warm water. I assessed that the Navien also was not showing any errors. I called the plumber he was shocked. I repeated the steps out of yesterday, rebooted the furnace, and obtained the error 38 — he got off the telephone with me to telephone Navien to purchase a new flow detector.

The problem is, now it is Friday, and the new detector will not come before Monday, and there is no sign when on Monday it’ll come. So we might not have warm water before Tuesday. Yikes.

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So… for all many of you around using tankless water heaters — is that normal? I could live with no hot water for a couple of days. However, $200 in upkeep after just 18 months of ownership…. ? Sounds steep. I am starting to regret having purchased one of them. Short of a standard water tank failing, so I had no issues. And it was a rather straightforward remedy — i.e., I had to go five days without any hot water.