Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last Of Us Day With Multiplayer Game Update

Naughty Dog Celebrates The Last Of Us Day With Multiplayer Game Update

To celebrate The Last Of Us Day 2021, developer Naughty Dog provided a little update on the standalone multiplayer spin-off of The Last Of Us.

In light of its community celebration, The Last Of Us Day 2021, acclaimed developer Naughty Dog confirmed it’s still developing its standalone multiplayer spin-off of The Last Of Us. The developer was also developing a multiplayer mode for The Last Of Us Part II but set it to the side in 2019 to specialize in the ambitious campaign offshoot. Naughty Dog promised it might bring back the multiplayer mode after it shipped the most game, meaning a team has been performing on it since the summer of 2020.

Still, Naughty Dog has been very quiet about what the new standalone multiplayer game will be like. Various job listings have suggested the TLoU multiplayer spin-off is Naughty Dog’s next game. A number of the work listings also noted there’d be an in-game economy, indicating there might be an open-world or hub world during which to explore and make purchases. Still, Naughty Dog hasn’t explicitly noted these jobs are for The Last of Us’ spin-off, leading some fans to stress about its status.

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The developer broke its silence during a blog post to celebrate this year’s The Last Of Us Day. The post doesn’t appear to possess too many juicy details, but Naughty Dog remains knee-deep into the project. The developer also suggested that many of the multiplayer-related job postings are associated with the untitled The Last folk’s spin-off. Fans were a touch disappointed that The Last Of Us Day did not have substantial news regarding the upcoming game, but a minimum of Naughty Dog knows fans are chomping at the bit to listen to more.

In short, we’re performing on it – we see the community comments as many of you clamour for multiplayer and need updates. For now, we’ll say that we love what the team is developing and need to offer them time to create their ambitious project; we’ll reveal more when it’s ready! To it end, we’ve been busy growing our team inside the kennel since The Last Of Us Part II launched and are currently fully swing of hiring for MP-related positions (hint hint), so if you or somebody you recognize qualifies for love or money you see on our jobs page, apply!

As of immediately, there is no word on when The Last of Us’ multiplayer game will launch, it seems to be very youth still, and therefore the project is quite ambitious – so this might not be as quick of a turnaround as some fans might’ve expected. Either way, it seems like it’ll a minimum of be a rather meaty addition to the planet of The Last Of Us.

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Additionally, Naughty Dog is currently performing on other games, but there’s no information on what they’ll be. The developer previously said it’s an overview for the story of The Last Of Us 3 but isn’t currently performing on it immediately. It had also been reported that a remake of The Last Of Us is in development for the PlayStation 5, which might be the studio’s primary focus. Given Naughty Dog tends to require its time, it’s going to be a short time before fans see the subsequent proper full-scale game from the studio.

Source: Naughty Dog