Mystic Messenger Reaction Masterlist


What is Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a portable game where you try to organize a celebration and win the center of the affections’ object.

Sounds pretty fair, right? A relaxing, casual match? Nope!

Believe it or not, casual would be that you would use the very last thing to explain Mystic Messenger: it demands real dedication. The game plays out in real-time, with chances to take part, glancing up in all hours of the night and day. A complete playthrough of one character course will require you 11 weeks and much more if you would like to collect numerous endings on every personality path.

When a match needs such a significant commitment, there is no doubt in using a walkthrough. Our Mystic Messenger manual is intended to provide several levels of help to equip you with everything you want to learn to play the game effectively if you would like to operate it out on your own or to supply a whole walkthrough if you need to see and do all, correctly.

Although you do not have to act every piece of content available to ensure a fantastic End or perhaps observe each of these non-fail endings readily available, you’ll have to be well ready to check-in using Mystic Messenger daily.

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Mystic Messenger general guides

Mystic Messenger: essential things you need to know

Inside this guide, we describe how to perform Mystic Messenger, also put you up to resolve it all on your own, together with using the minimal quantity of spoilers. This will give you a complete comprehension of the Hearts and HG monies, the load and save systems, the way the email and chat methods operate, plus far more.

Mystic Messenger email guide: Casual, Deep and Another Story

The appropriate replies you’re going to want to input to ensure RSVPs into Mystic Messenger’s endgame celebration; you will need at least complete RSVPs to unlock the very most delicate endings, along with the appropriate answers are not always apparent. Includes slight, inevitable spoilers for content. It Covers Casual, deep, and other Story manners.


The narrative continues 11 times per course. The very first day worries the game’s prologue, three times to the “common course,” six months focusing on a study of a personality, and a single day for your celebration. The game operates in real-time, by which gamers can get text messages and connect group chat at a unique messenger. During conversations in the initial four times, the participant can give particular characters answers to boost their likability together, represented as hearts. From the conclusion of this fourth day, the participant will experience a Caution; it branches both the match and decides whether the participant will find a course or an unsatisfactory ending depending upon their gathered hearts and chatroom involvement inside the four times. Throughout each class, the narrative contains three Cautions on various days.

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There are seven incomplete paths. Three paths can be found in Casual Story (Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee), two ways in Deep Story (Jumin Han and also 707), along with even two paths in One Story (V along with Ray).

The match had two tales (Casual Story and Deep Story) and five paths; before September 8, 2017, Cheritz introduced a way for Queen in a different story. The narrative is called “Another Story,” along with the most crucial character seems a calendar year before the first narrative period. On January 31, 2018, Cheritz published a path for Saeran/Ray precisely the same story. The courses cost 550 Hourglasses to complete.

Downloadable contents

Back in December 2016, Cheritz included that a new “specific content” segment into the match. The DLC contains new chatrooms, messages, CGsand, telephone calls, greetings, and background audio. The Christmas episode was inserted on December 19, 2016; the narrative lasts two times using eight endings. The April’s Fools incident was included on March 21, 2017; the description lasts for a day together using three ends. In early February 2017, Cheritz had Valentine’s after endings for every character (excluding V and Ray). These unique contents stay available even after stated occasions. On September 8, 2017, Cheritz included V’s following end, “Judge or even Forgive,” composed of 6 episodes and two unique endings. On February 14, 2019, Cheritz included “Rika Behind Story,” consisting of eight episodes. Back in December 2020, Cheritz had two brand new DLC to get Ray/Saeran’s subsequent end, which is made up of four times with ten endings and “Poor Jumin & Later: Life at the Mansion,” a continuation into Jumin’s flawed ending two that is composed of four events.

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Mystic Messenger Reactions List

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