Music for Mac: All the Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Music for Mac: All the Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

Here we can see, “Music for Mac: All the Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know”

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the most comprehensive collection of Music for Mac keyboard shortcuts. All you’ll need is this free PDF to download.

The Mac’s Music app is a terrific way to listen to all of your audio content, including music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

The last thing you want to do when listening to music is fiddle with menus or figure out how to pause, skip, or otherwise manipulate your media.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide sheet. It has all of the shortcuts you’ll ever need to handle Mac‘s Music program.

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Music for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Command + Comma Open preferences
Command + Q Quit the app
Command + E Eject
Command + ? Open help
Option + Command (while opening Music) Open a different music library
Command + R Refresh
Return Play from beginning
Space Play/pause
Option + Command + Right/left arrow Track forward or back
Command + Full stop Stop
Right/left arrow Play the next/previous song
Option + Right/left arrow Play the next/previous album
Command + L Display currently playing
Option + Command + U Display the Playing Next list
Command + Up arrow Increase volume
Command + Down arrow Decrease volume
Option + Command + E Open the equaliser
Shift + Command + Right/left arrow Go to the next or last chapter
Command + U Stream an audio file from a URL
Command + N Create a new playlist
Shift + Command + N Create a playlist from a selection of songs
Option + Command + N Create a new Smart Playlist
Option + Space Start Genius Shuffle
Command + Delete Delete the selected playlist
Option + Delete Delete the selected playlist, and its songs, from your library
Option + Delete Delete the selected song from your library and all playlists
Command + O Import a file to your library
Shift + Command + R Show where a song file is located
Command + F Select the search field
Command + Z Undo your last input when editing
Command + X Cut information or artwork
Command + C Copy information or artwork
Command + V Paste information or artwork
Command + A Select all the songs in the list
Command + B Show or hide the column browser
Shift + Command + A Deselect all the songs in the list
Command + click the tickbox Select or deselect all the songs in a list
Option + Command + M or Shift + Command + M Open mini player
Shift + Command + F Open full screen player
Control + Command + F Enter or exit full-screen view
Option + click the green button in the top + left corner of the Music window Switch between custom and maximum window sizes
Control + click a column heading Change the song information columns
Command + / Show or hide the status bar
Command + I Open the Info window for the selected song
Command + N/P See the information for the next or previous song in the list
Shift + Command + Left/right bracket Go to the previous or next pane
Command + J Open the View Options window for the selected source
Command + T Turn the visualiser on or off
? See more options when a visual effect is showing
Command + 0 Open the Music window
Command + W Close the Music window
Command + M Put the Music window in the Dock
Command + H Hide the Music window
Option + Command + H Hide all other applications
Type in the search field and press Option + Return Search in the iTunes Store
Command + Right/left bracket Next or previous page
Command + R Reload
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The Best Alternative Music Players

The Music app hasn’t persuaded you? It would help if you also looked into the various free music apps available for macOS, such as Vox Player and Musique.


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User Questions:

  1. On a Mac, which keyboard key is utilized for the majority of keyboard shortcuts?

Most keyboard shortcuts are performed with the Command, Option, and Control keys. These keys are located towards the bottom left corner of your keyboard.

  1. How come I can’t listen to music on my Macbook?

If Apple Music isn’t playing on your iPhone or iPad, try restarting your device or closing and reopening the app. If all but one or two songs are playing, remove the file from your Apple Music library and re-download it to receive a fresh copy.

  1. What is Mac’s Music app?

Here’s how to utilize the Music app on your Mac, the hub of Apple Music and your music library. 11 July 2021, Joseph Keller 6. Apple Music and your personal music library were merged into one accessible spot with the Music app for Mac, which debuted with macOS Catalina and replaced iTunes.

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