MSI MEG Z590 ACE Gold Edition has 24K gold heat sink, just because


Oh, my word has MSI crafted something special with its new MEG Z590 ACE Gold Edition motherboard, which rocks actual 24K gold on its conductor.

The new MSI MEG Z590 ACE Gold Edition motherboard features a singular design, with an equally unique gold/silver/black theme throughout the board. MSI uses an immediate 19-phase digital VRM with 90 Amp Smart Power Stages driven through 2 x 8-pin power connectors.

An actual genuine 24K foil conductor is employed, with platinum-colored parts scattered on top, which might look fantastic within the exemplary system alongside some G.SKILL Trident Z Royal RAM. We have an 8-layer PCB with 2oz Thickened Copper and support for up to DDR4-5600 RAM, so you should be suitable for overclocking.

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On top of that, there is also dual Thunderbolt 4 ports and 4 x M.2 slots for a big chunk of super-fast SSDs, also as Wi-Fi 6E networking.

MSI charges around $1000 for its MEG Z590 ACE Gaming motherboard, and that I would suspect the new dipped-in-gold MSI MEG Z590 ACE Gold Edition motherboard would cost on the brink of that. Regardless of the price, it isn’t getting to be cheap, but you already know that. This is often a board for people who aren’t worried about the cost and design.

See? Who couldn’t love that style? Oof.

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