Mozilla Thunderbird: Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need to Master

Mozilla Thunderbird: Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need to Master

Here we can see, “Mozilla Thunderbird: Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need to Master”

Mozilla is best known for its Firefox browser, but did you know that it also makes Thunderbird a free and open-source email client?

If you want an email client that is simple to use, speedy and has a clean look, Mozilla Thunderbird is an excellent choice. It contains all the features you’d expect from an email client, like a calendar, address book, and built-in privacy tools, but you can also customize it using add-ons.

To become the ultimate email wizard, whether you’re new to Thunderbird or have been using it for years, you’ll need to learn all of its keyboard shortcuts. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the shortcuts you’ll need.

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Mozilla Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + N New email
Ctrl + R Reply
Ctrl + Shift + R Reply to all
Ctrl + L Forward
Ctrl + E Edit
Ctr; + S Save draft
Ctrl + Enter Send now
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Send later
Ctrl + Shift + P Spell check
Ctrl + Shift + A Attach file
F5 Send and receive (current account)
Shift + F5 Send and receive (all accounts)
Enter Open (in new window)
Ctrl + Plus Zoom in
Ctrl + Minus Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 Reset zoom
Right arrow Expand thread
Left arrow Collapse thread
* Expand all threads
\ Collapse all threads
Ctrl + P Print
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + U View source
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + Shift + A Select thread
A Archive
Delete Delete
Shift + Delete Delete and skip trash
F2 Rename folder
1 to 9 Add/remove tag
0 Remove all tags
M Mark message read/unread
R Mark thread read/unread
Shift + C Mark all read
C Mark as read by date
J Mark as junk
Shift + J Mark as not junk
S Add/remove star
Ctrl + K Search all
Ctrl + Shift + K Quick filter
Esc Clear quick filter
Ctrl + Shift + F Search messages
Ctrl + F Find text
Ctrl + G Find next
Ctrl + Shift + G Find previous
Alt + Home Mail
F Next message
B Previous message
N Next unread message
P Previous unread message
T Next unread thread
] Next viewed message
[ Previous viewed message
Tab Next element
Shift + Tab Previous element
F6 Next mail pane
Shift + F6 Previous mail pane
Ctrl + Tab Next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + B Address book
Ctrl + J Saved files
F1 Help
Ctrl + Shift + I Developer tools
F8 Toggle message pane
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Thunderbird Is One of the Best Email Clients

You’ll be navigating Thunderbird like a pro in no time, sending and responding to emails with ease if you use these keyboard shortcuts. So don’t squander your time by clicking!

Why not give Thunderbird a try if you haven’t already? It’s completely free and one of the greatest email applications available.


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User Questions:

  1. In Thunderbird, what does the A key do?

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that speed up the completion of specific operations in Thunderbird. If you wish to archive a message, for example, you can press the “A” key instead of using the mouse to select the choice from a menu.

  1. Can you tell me if Mozilla Thunderbird is still in use?

Thunderbird is a community-driven, self-contained project.

(Thunderbird is no longer developed by Mozilla Corporation, the makers of Firefox and Mozilla Messaging.) Mozilla, on the other hand, continues to help Thunderbird by hosting many of its resources.)

  1. Is Thunderbird a better email program than Gmail?

Gmail, Google’s free e-mail service, has become the standard. But, according to Bill Snyder of, the current version of Mozilla Thunderbird is significantly better at organizing your cluttered inbox.

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  1. I’ve grown tired of Mozilla Thunderbird. Who knows a great free alternative?

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