Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanner

Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanner

Here we can see “Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanner”

Top Mobile App Scanner to Find Security Vulnerabilities

1. App-Ray

Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanner from App-Ray. It may check your cellular programs from anonymous sources and supply standing by integration using EMM-MDM/MAM. The scanner may detect dangers before they damage your information and stops you from installing malicious programs.

Integrate your applications using exposure analysis whilst constructing them. Their REST API allows you to perform evaluation mechanically and elegantly. You might even trigger actions if you happen to discover any problem to stop potential dangers.

It leverages innovative and military-grade technology to map information and examine network traffic which includes encrypted communication too.

App-Ray utilizes multiple analysis methods — static in addition to lively and behaviour-based investigation. Static code analysis can be used for communicating issues, encryption-related problems, data flows, and anti-debugging practices.

Similarly, positive and behaviour-based evaluation is completed for easy and unmodified analyzing, obtaining communicating documents.

App-Ray supports both iOS along with Android platforms. After the scanning is completed, you can view all of the technical specifics and allow you to download the required files, for example, the PCAP file.

2. Codified Security

Detect and immediately fix security problems using Codified. Upload your program and use the scanner to try it out. It provides a thorough report highlighting safety dangers.

Codified is a self-serve security scanner. This means you must upload your program files into its stage. It’s capable of integrating delivery cycles smoothly. You may produce your principles for static analysis motors and establish compliance levels too.

Their safety reports are specialist and emphasize precise details about each of the dangers related to your mobile programs. Additionally, it shows a listing of related actions that you can implement to reduce security breaches.

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Codified supports IPA along with APK uploads. It eases static and dynamic and 3rd-party library evaluations.

Codified incorporates Phonegap, Xamarin, and Hockey program and supports Java, Swift, and Objective-C software.

3. Mobile Security Framework

The automatic and all-around mobile program — Mobile security system (MobSF) may be utilized on Windows, iOS, and Android apparatus.

You’re able to use the program for malware investigation, pen-testing, safety evaluation, etc. It can conduct both kinds of research — dynamic and static.

MobSF supplies REST APIs so that you may incorporate your DevSecOps pipeline or CI/CD easily. It supports mobile program binaries like IPA, APK, and APPX along with proactively supply codes. With its lively analyzer, it is possible to execute examinations for runtime security in addition to instrumented testing.

4. Dexcalibur

Excalibur is an inverse technology Android scanner that concentrates on instrumentation automation.

The Goal of Dexcalibur would be to automate all of those dull tasks connected with live instrumentation, such as:

  • Looking for a few intriguing things or blueprint to hook
  • Process the information a hook collects like a dex document, type loader, invoked procedure, etc.
  • Decompile intercepted bytecodes
  • Write hook codes
  • Handle hook messages

Excalibur’s inactive search engine is capable of implementing partial small bits too. Its objective is to leave the implemented function. Additionally, it may render what purpose could be implemented based on telephone stack thickness or configuration worth. It can help you to browse cleaner bytecode models by eliminating opaque and goto predicates that are unworthy.

5. StaCoAn

Stanton is a good tool that aids programmers, autonomous hackers, and bug-bounty seekers to execute static code analysis for cellular programs. This cross-platform application assesses lines composed of a code comprising API keys, API URLs, hardcoded credentials, decryption keys, programming mistakes, etc.

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The purpose behind the tool’s development was supposed to provide better graphic advice and usability to the consumer interface. At the moment, StaCoAn supports APK documents, and IPA files will be accessible shortly.

As you can imagine, it’s open-source.

Stanton comprises a drag and drops feature for your cellular program file, so you’re able to create a mobile and visual record. You may also customize wordlists and preferences to get a better experience. These reports are simple to navigate through a decompiled program.

Employing the”loot work”, it is possible to bookmark precious findings. You could even see all of your conclusions about the supplied loot page.

Stanton supports various file kinds like Java, js, XML, and HTML documents. Its database includes a desk viewer where you can search the database documents for keywords.

6. Runtime Mobile Security

The highly effective port of Runtime Mobile Security (RMS) helps you control iOS and Android programs. Here, you can hook all in virtually almost no time, ditch loaded courses, follow procedure arguments, return a value, contain custom scripts, etc.

In this time, RMS, they’ve examined it on macOS. It also supports apparatus such as iPhone 7, net interface Chrome, Amazon Fire Stick 4K, and AVD emulator. It may encourage Linux and Windows with minimal alterations.

With its API track, you can track multiple Android APIs categorized into 20 different types. You’re able to extend the service with additional methods or courses to the JSON document and test native functions such as open, close, write, browse, remove, unlink, etc.

A document manager has been included to learn more about the personal files of this program, and when desired, you can download them.

7. Ostorlab

Ostorlab enables you to scan your Android or iOS program and provide you with comprehensive information about the discovering.

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It’s possible to upload the APK or IPA software document, and within a couple of minutes, you’ll have the safety scan record.

8. Quixxi

Quixxi is concentrated on supplying cellular analytics, mobile program protection & recovery earnings reduction. If you’re merely looking to perform a vulnerability evaluation, then it’s possible to upload your Android or iOS program file.

The scan will take a couple of minutes, and once finished; you’ll find a confirmation report summary.

But if you’re trying to find an extensive report, you have to perform a free registration on their site.

9. SandDroid

android performs dynamic and static analysis and provides you with a thorough report. It’s possible to upload APK or zip files using no more than 50 MB.

Android is created by the Botnet study group & Xi’an Jiaotong University. It now performs evaluations on the subsequent.

  • Document size/hash, SDK variant
  • Network info, part, code attribute, sensitive API, IP distribution investigation
  • Information leakage, SMS, telephone call monitor
  • Risk score and behaviour

10. QARK

QUARK (Fast Android Review Kit) from LinkedIn can help you to come across a few Android vulnerabilities in source code along with packed files.

QUARK is free to use and also to set up; it demands Python 2.7+, JRE 1.6/1.7+ and analyzed on OSX/RHEL 6.6

A few of the following vulnerabilities are detectable by QARK.

  • Tapjacking
  • Improper x.509 certification validation
  • Eavesdropping
  • The key in the source code
  • Exploitable WebView configurations
  • Outdated API models
  • Possible data leakage
  • And even more…


I hope the Mobile Application Vulnerability Scanner enable you to look at your cellular application security so that you may mend any finding. If you’re a security professional, then you might be considering studying Mobile immersion testing.