Minecraft Mob Vote Compared To Pokémon Starter Choices

Minecraft Mob Vote Compared To Pokémon Starter Choices

The three new mobs included in this year’s Minecraft Live event’s mob vote have been compared to Pokémon starter choices.

The three new Minecraft mobs available for the mob vote at Minecraft Live 2021 were recently revealed by Mojang, and one Reddit user compared the options to Pokémon starter choices. Mojang allows the Minecraft community to vote on which mob will be added next to the 3D voxel sandbox, similar to last year. On October 16, fans can choose between the Copper Golem, Allay, or Glare, three new mobs, each with their unique abilities, at Minecraft Live 2021. Last year, during Minecraft Live 2020, Mojang did the same thing, allowing the community to choose Minecraft’s new mob. The Glow Squid, Iceologer, and Moobloom were the options at the time. The Glow Squid eventually triumphed, and the Caves & Cliffs Part 1 Update was released earlier this year.

Mojang debuted the Glare, a passive mob that shows players dark spots where other mobs can spawn, for this year’s Minecraft mob vote. Because the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update adjusts the light level requirements for dangerous mobs to spawn, this utility will be especially useful when it launches later this year. The Allay, a flying creature that delivers gifts to players in exchange for music, was the second new mob. The Allay looks for more of a collectable, craftable item or block after receiving one and gives them to players if a music note is nearby. The Copper Golem is a fully customizable mob that comes with a brand new copper button.

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Minecraft’s new mobs were compared to Pokémon starter choices after the vote was announced. Shyamadash, a Reddit user, shared a picture of the Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare with a Pokémon-like art style. Each mob had a description beneath it that compared it to the starter options available in Pokémon video games. The Copper Golem was a fire/steel type Pokémon, the Allay was a water/flying type Pokémon, and the Glare was a grass/ghost type Pokémon. Poké Balls were located beneath the three mobs. Other Reddit users noticed the similarity between the three mob choices and starter Pokémon after seeing this piece of artwork.

This mob vote reminded me of starter pokemon so much. Which one are you choosing? from Minecraft

A trainer’s starter Pokémon are the ones they choose at the start of their adventure. Trainers can choose between three starter Pokémon in most (but not all) of the franchise’s mainline games. Typically, the three starter Pokémon available fall into three categories: grass, fire, or water. The starter Pokémon, like Bulbasaur, sometimes has a secondary type. Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare seemed to fit the three starter types, according to Shyamadash. Due to its pixie-like appearance, another fan suggested that the Allay be classified as water/fairy rather than water/flying.

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It’s possible that Mojang was inspired by Pokémon when creating the three mob options for this year’s Minecraft Live event. Fans will have to vote on which mob will join the ranks in a future update on October 16, when Minecraft Live 2021 kicks off.

Minecraft can be played on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Source: Shyamadash/Reddit