Minecraft Fan Builds Big Ben From Civilization 6

Minecraft Fan Builds Big Ben From Civilization 6

A clever Minecraft enthusiast has created a time-lapse movie of a realistic Big Ben structure as seen in Civilization VI.

A fan of both Minecraft and Civilization VI recently combined the two franchises in a beautiful in-game crossover art depicting the Big Ben World Wonder. This is far from the first time a Minecraft player has created a tribute to a different video game franchise. A collection of sculptures depicting characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a recent example.

Minecraft’s Creative Mode provides players with an almost overwhelming number of tools and resources to create spectacular and intricate creations. Minecraft players may create some very amazing structures using a variety of different construction materials and texture packs. In addition, players have an almost infinite scale to work with, allowing ambitious designers to piece together massive constructions from both fictitious and real-world universes.

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Redditor LookosZero was able to accurately recreate Big Ben with some visual flavorings from Civilization VI thanks to these versatile and expressive tools. Because Big Ben is one of the many World Wonders featured in Civilization VI (a list that recently grew with the New Frontier Pass DLC release last year), LookosZero decided to showcase the creation with a time-lapse video complete with voiceover narration inspired by the best-selling strategy game. In addition, the “A World Wonder Has Been Created!” banner and the Sam Levenson remark that comes after completing the World Wonder were also carried over from Civilization VI.

LookosZero appears to have gotten the legendary narration voice line straight from Civilization VI for this little movie.

Big Ben from Civilization VI in Minecraft from Minecraft

Minecraft is a surprisingly good fit for some Civilization fan services because Civilization VI shows spectacular time-lapse films of World Wonders being created brick-by-brick until they’re finished. Fans of the popular civilization simulation game will know how exciting it is to complete a Wonder finally, and this movie captures that euphoric sensation well. Only the rotating camera that captures the time-lapse is missing.

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Minecraft is an ever-expanding game, with frogs and mangrove trees planned to be included in next year’s The Wild Update. Given the volume of new content produced daily, it will be fascinating to see how other creators create distinctive and true-to-life landscapes, buildings, and cities in the future. However, this Big Ben creation demonstrates how great Minecraft’s building systems are already and is sure to please fans of Civilization VI and beyond.

Minecraft is accessible on all platforms right now.

Source: LookosZero/Reddit