Minecraft Build Recreates Among Us’ Polus Level

Minecraft Build Recreates Among Us' Polus Level

A passionate Among Us player took to Minecraft to recreate the chart Polus, and addicts are awestruck by this incredibly detailed recreation.

A talented and devout Among Us player has taken to Minecraft to recreate one of the most iconic Among Us maps, Polus. Following in the footmarks of so legion other players who have used Minecraft as an oil for their implausible worlds, builds, and other creations, this player offers an elective way to play Among Us if the Innersloth serversĀ ever go down.

Among Us players are incredibly passionate about the game, from creating memes, mods or recreating the characters in other media. The social deduction game has taken the gaming world by storm in the onetime bit, with celebrities and politicians joining in on the fray. The game’s lingo has sneaked the general wordbook, and players have created some fantastic Among Us artwork to display. Now, a new entry has used the sandbox world of Minecraft as its medium.

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Redditor Season_Cookie partook their creation, a replica of the Among Us map Polus. The frame features all the familiar chambers and spaces from Polus. In addition, it appears to have some recreations of the mini-games that crew members must complete during Among Us as they try to finesse the dreaded Mountebank. Season_Cookie also took great care to take this shot during the night cycle, to reflect the dim lighting Among Us crew members have, with only numerous sources of light present. Even, though Season_Cookie was not fit to recreate everything Polus has to offer (it does not appear there’s any way to travel through voices like one can in Among Us), the pains put into this frame is still like moving.

Among us fans! I’ve rebuilt Polus in Minecraft, this took me forever to do šŸ˜€ from AmongUs

One helpful Among Us player also refocused out that this shape is slightly inaccurate, as it’s missing the lasting reactor by the hole. Otherwise, the body does a fantastic job of replacing the Among Us elements with those available in Minecraft. For specimen, Season_Cookie replaced the snowy jewels outside with various geodes that were newly added to Minecraft. The shape otherwise managed to incorporate rudiments like the lava lake, a large tree in the O2 room, and, even using dirt paths to connect closets instead of walls where suitable.

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Of course, Season_Cookie is hardly the first Among Us player to rebuild this chart in another game. Anteriorly this vintage, another player managed to recreate Polus in the game Animal Crossing, featuring unique takes on each closet. Of course, that shape did not have as numerous options to recreate the tasks, but the body is still touching, notwithstanding. Still, Season_Cookie can take comfort in the fact that Among Us suckers sound to appreciate this shape.

Among Us is available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, Minecraft is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source:Ā Season_Cookie/Reddit