Microsoft’s worst Windows 10 tool has a mega security flaw

Microsoft's worst Windows 10 tool has a mega security flaw

In Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), security researchers have found a new vulnerability among the very well-known tools that come pre-installed with Windows 10.

First introduced within their Microsoft’s Creators Update back in 2016, Paint 3D was initially meant to replace Microsoft Paint that’s sent with the organization’s operating system since Windows 1.0.

But the 3D modeling applications never found the sort of adoption that the software giant expected for which is precisely the reason exactly why Paint and Paint 3D continue to reside alongside each other on Windows. However, this may change soon as Paint 3D wasn’t contained in a newly leaked build of Windows 11.

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While hard to harness, the newly discovered defect that Microsoft has rectified might be an additional reason Paint 3D’s days might be numbered.

Remote code execution from Paint 3D

The vulnerability in Paint 3D monitored as CVE-2021-31946 might be manipulated by an attacker to execute arbitrary code following an unsuspecting customer visits a malicious webpage or opens a malicious document as per a different security aide ZDI.

But, to exploit this vulnerability, an attacker will first attain privilege escalation to a targeted platform before persuading an individual to open a malicious document or site.

ZDI found this vulnerability using a technique known as fuzzing before this season, and it subsequently reported its findings to Microsoft back in February. Happily, the safety researchers haven’t seen exploits from the publicly accessible proof-of-concept code that means that Windows users must be secure for the time being.

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In precisely exactly the identical period, Microsoft has also issued a patch to deal with a vulnerability currently rolling out to customers’ systems through the Microsoft Store. If you do not have automatic updates installed in the Microsoft Store, then you may also manually download the update by following these directions.

We will have to wait and watch whether Paint 3D gets the cut at the next version of Microsoft’s operating program, although the business has an event planned for later this month which may shed additional light on Windows 11.

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