Microsoft Teams down: video conferencing not working for users worldwide

Microsoft Teams down: video conferencing not working for users worldwide

Microsoft Teams users are struggling to hitch calls following an outage.

Top video conferencing service Microsoft Teams appears to be suffering an outage affecting users across the planet.

According to data from DownDetector, issues began at roughly 7 am ET/noon BST, preventing users from joining calls. Given the first time, users in Europe and Asia were first to report issues, but the outage appears to be affecting Microsoft Teams customers on the East Coast of the US now also.

The Microsoft status portal is currently reporting no issues for Teams. Therefore the source of the issues is unclear.

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Global Teams outage

However, the official @MicrosoftTeams account has confirmed that “our team is investigating a problem with Microsoft Teams,” which the difficulty is global.

It seems that Teams for Business, Teams Personal, and Education users are all affected, with some users complaining that they had been kicked out of active calls, et al. suffering a mistake 401 message.

Microsoft has been advising users to open support tickets and follow its admin center for further updates.

This is the second major outage to hit Microsoft Teams within a previous couple of weeks, with an identical issue in March 2021 linked to company-wide problems because the likes of Xbox Live, Office 365, and Azure also went down.

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Microsoft said that outage was reportedly thanks to a problem concerning “a recent change to an authentication system.”