Microsoft Releases Official Windows 11 ISOs

Microsoft Releases Official Windows 11 ISOs

Now you’ll experience everything of Windows 11, from the primary splash screen to a functioning PC.

Windows 11 hasn’t been officially released yet, but Microsoft has made it easy to grab a beta version of its new OS. In addition, Microsoft has made the method even easier by officially releasing Windows 11 ISOs for Insiders to download.

Windows 11’s New ISOs From Microsoft

Microsoft sounded the horn on Windows Blogs with a replacement Windows 11 Insider build. However, before Microsoft even goes into detail about what this new build does, it declares that ISOs are now available for people to download.

The ISOs are essential for Microsoft’s testing plans because they provide users with the entire experience of putting Windows 11 on their PC. Beforehand, users got the Windows 11 beta by upgrading their current Windows 10 system, but this does not replicate an equivalent experience when installing the OS on a replacement PC.

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Microsoft calls this the “out of box experience” (OOBE) because it’s what you see between taking the CD out of the box and having a fully-working Windows 11 PC. Now, with official ISOs out for everybody to download, people can test the Windows 11 OOBE for themselves and report any problems or bugs that arise.

Suppose you would like to offer the ISO a go for yourself, head over to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and grab it there. If you do not see the choice to download Windows 11, it’s because you’re either not signed up for the Insider builds or not signed in to your Insider account.

Of course, if you remember, this update is not just about the ISOs alone. Microsoft did make some changes to Windows 11, albeit they are not as exciting because of the official ISOs. For example, during the Windows 11 OOBE, you’ll now give your PC a reputation, so your network isn’t filled with randomly generated device names by default.

There’s also a new Clock app coming to Windows 11. This includes a replacement feature called “focus sessions” that allow you to line a short-timer to urge work done. During the timer, Windows will pause your music, so you’ll add peace. Microsoft talks more about this on the Windows Insider Blog.

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Microsoft Finally Breaks the ISO

If you have been trying to find a politician Windows 11 Beta ISO, now’s the time to leap into action and grab one. The Windows 11 ISO will offer you a thought of what it’ll wish to install the OS from scratch, so you recognize what to expect when it officially releases.

Now that Microsoft goes full bore with Windows 11, will Windows 10 loyalists be left within the dirt? Fortunately, Microsoft’s diary supporting older operating systems shows that Windows 10 users don’t have anything to stress about.

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