Microsoft Might Lower the Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Might Lower the Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

Some people are now preparing for Windows 11 as they discover that their perfectly functioning PCs were not suitable to run the new operating systems by the PC Health Check app. Microsoft has clarified the situation by explaining why certain people received a poor result and what that means for the future.

Microsoft’s Retraction of the PC Health Check App

Microsoft explained the situation on its Windows Insider Blog. It explained why the PC Health Check tool and why some people were getting poor grades.

The PC Health Check tool allowed users to check whether their PCs could run Windows 11. Microsoft will give you either a pass or a fail by simply clicking a button.

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The tool has been confused since Windows 11 was announced. People with relatively new gaming PCs were turned down because their system specs didn’t meet Windows 11’s minimum requirements.

Worse, the tool did not tell you why your computer was not compatible with Windows 11. The only thing you could see was a message saying that your specifications were too low.

It turned out that Microsoft was not looking at computing power to generate its reports. Instead, it was checking the date of your hardware.

Microsoft designed Windows 11 minimum requirements around three criteria: security, reliability, and compatibility. It believes the Intel 8th Generation, AMD Zen 2, and Qualcomm 7 and 8 Series will all be able to tick these boxes. As a result, Windows 11 can be run on any of these processors, whether you have one or older models.

This does not mean that older processors will automatically fail the PC health check regardless of how powerful they were. Likewise, it doesn’t mean that these PCs aren’t strong enough to run Windows 11.

Microsoft has begun to check the Intel 7th-generation and AMD Zen 1 PCs for compliance with Windows 11. However, Microsoft temporarily took the test offline because of the confusion it caused. It is now working to allow more Windows 11-compatible PCs.

Windows 11, (Hopefully) Coming to a PC Near You

Microsoft’s PC Health Check app has created a lot of confusion as users find that their fairly decent PC cannot handle Windows 11. However, Microsoft says that power is not as important as recency when it comes down to operating the operating system.

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It’s not difficult to get a Windows 11-preinstalled PC if you are thinking about it. According to the tech giant, it will launch the new operating system sometime in October 2021.