Microsoft Is Buying RiskIQ to Boost Its Cybersecurity

Microsoft Is Buying RiskIQ to Boost Its Cybersecurity

Microsoft’s cloud services are booming in recent years. However, it must ensure that any online products it launches have a tenacious defense starting from the beginning. To ensure its users’ safety, Microsoft recently purchased the cybersecurity company RiskIQ.

Microsoft’s Latest Acquisition: RiskIQ

The Microsoft Security Blog provided details about the purchase. Microsoft made excellent profits in 2020 due to its remote work-based services that boomed during COVID-19. But rapid expansion must be accompanied by apt security, or else the company’s users could be under attack.

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Microsoft is now more prepared to keep its users safe with RiskIQ under its belt. The blog says:

RiskIQ assists customers in assessing the security of their entire attack surface, including the Microsoft cloud, AWS, and other clouds and their supply chain. RiskIQ has more than ten years of experience analyzing and scanning the internet and can help enterprises find and fix vulnerable assets before attackers can capitalize on them.

RiskIQ’s speed is another advantage. In addition, RiskIQ uses the PassiveTotal community for crowd-sourcing the most dangerous threats. This means that RiskIQ can prevent threats from becoming too widespread.

Why is Microsoft investing in Cybersecurity?

Microsoft’s cloud services made tremendous strides during the COVID-19 epidemic, but online data storage is a double-edged sword. It allows you to access your data from anywhere you are. However, hackers can also access it.

Microsoft must ensure that its cloud services are secure if it wants to continue to be a bankable company. Although it has had some leaks and damage in the past, this has not affected its status as one of the leading cloud providers for hybrid businesses.

Microsoft now has RiskIQ on board, so the company can hopefully plug the gaps and protect its users from digital theft and fraud.

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RiskIQ: Reduce the risk

Microsoft’s cloud computing market profits are exploding, and the tech giant must protect its assets to stop hackers from exploiting their hard work. Microsoft now has RiskIQ, which should keep the company secure from online malicious agents.

Microsoft is protecting its cloud services from hackers. So perhaps now is the time to review your cloud security. If you have files or folders stored on the cloud, make sure you double-check the strength of your login password and add two-factor authentication if possible.