Microsoft Is Asking the Internet To Vote for Its New Default Font

Microsoft Is Asking the Internet To Vote for Its New Default Font

Fourteen years later, using Calibri because of its default font, Microsoft is currently looking for a brand new layout to upgrade its system. The technology giant is requesting social networking consumers to vote to another font to shoot over its plans this time around.

“We will need to speak. What if our default font ” The business tweeted, together with samples of five initial fonts made by a set of recognized designers. Alternatives include Tenorite (Erin McLaughlin and Wei Huang), Bierstadt (Steve Matteson), Skeena (John Hudson and Paul Hanslow), Seaford (Tobias Frere-Jones, Nina Stössinger along with Fred Shallcrass), and Grandview (Aaron Bell).

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Microsoft lasted in a formal statement: “While default structures might not have exactly the identical flair as a number of the eye-catching cousins (we are looking at you, Bauhaus 93 and Showcard Gothic), they convey a different character in their silent way–a character that by expansion becomes our character too.” It elaborates on the importance of selecting the most appropriate font: “A default font is often the first impression that we create; it is the visual identity we now introduce to other people through our resumes, files, or emails. And as individuals and the world about us grow and age, so too must our manners of expression.”