Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilot Pulls Off Incredible Reverse Landing

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pilot Pulls Off Incredible Reverse Landing

One Microsoft Flight Simulator pilot discovered a cool way to pull off a reverse landing while tinkering with mid-flight reverse thrusters.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator pilot performed an incredible reverse landing after discovering that reverse thrusters may be activated mid-flight. The 2020 edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator was released on PC a little over a year ago to widespread acclaim. It was developed by French studio Asobo, the same team behind A Plague Tale: Innocence. The flight simulator arrived for Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass in July, introducing a new audience to the game’s rich features.

Users continue to find new methods to push the boundaries in-game because the sky is the limit. Multiple free updates have also aided in this area, with content increases in France, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, and others. The modding community for flying simulators has no limitations, either. A modder placed a ship in the Suez Canal earlier this year to mirror real-world events at the time. In another mod, Mario Kart tracks were added to Microsoft Flight Simulator, including Rainbow Road. Fans are already experimenting with built-in gameplay possibilities.

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MadAddictz told fellow gamers on Reddit that he recently spent time playing with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s TBM and that while doing so, he realised it’s able to “use reverse thrusters mid-flight.” That particular revelation prompted more investigation, culminating in MadAddictz’s amazing reverse landing. It’s an achievement that would leave Top Gun’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell speechless.

After messing around with the TBM I realized you can activate Reverse Thrusters mid flight. So I did a pretty cool approach to landing from flightsim

As many fans are aware, Maverick himself will ultimately join the experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Maverick Expansion. Because the next Top Gun picture has been postponed until May 2022, the much-anticipated DLC has received a similar push to coincide with the theatrical release. However, according to a video by MadAddictz, some players are already up to Top Gun-style hijinks.

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Another fascinating piece of material, a competitive racing option, should be released this fall. During Gamescom 2021, Microsoft revealed the Reno Air Race mode, promising an update that will allow fans to compete in STIHL National Championship Air Races. The publisher has not stated when the high-speed races will be available to pilots in the fall.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now accessible for PC and Xbox Series X|S users.

Source: MadAddictz/Reddit