Microsoft Edge finally fixes its YouTube problem

Microsoft Edge finally fixes its YouTube problem

Microsoft has fixed a long-standing problem in its Edge browser, even in which it could freeze randomly moments when a movie has been playing on YouTube.

Although the browser operates through Google’s Chromium engine, Microsoft has established its variant for Edge, which explains precisely why several bugs, such as this one, look here rather than at Google’s Chrome browser.

The dilemma has been widespread over the last month, using just YouTube being impacted, not additional movie websites such as Vimeo and Netflix, along with the BBC iPlayer.

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What has been the Matter?

Based on some Reddit place, the entire browser could freeze the moment a movie on YouTube would begin to play with, or it had been shifted to a complete screen view.

At worst, this could wreck the Edge browser requiring one to shut it through Task Manager and never have to restore your tabs.

The Matter is from the official build variant of 90.0.818.46, published on April 22, 2021.

How to update

Even though the newest release is version 90.0.818.62, it will not correct the YouTube problem. An agent in the Edge team recommended upgrading to the Canary station, the pre-release variant of the browser in Microsoft’s Insider website if you are experiencing continuous issues when attempting to see a video.

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The official model of Edge is generally published every six months, or so the fix will probably arrive there from the end of the month.