Microsoft Begins Removing Flash From Windows 10


The end for Flash is nigh, but there’s how to stay the program if you continue to need it.

As Flash begins to point out its age, companies are dropping support for the old animation format. Microsoft has been threatening to get rid of Flash from Windows 10 for a short time, and now the corporate is releasing an update that does just that.

Saying Sayonara to Flash on Windows 10

Windows Latest discovered the Windows 10 update that’s stripping the OS of Flash… at least, most of it.

The update of Flash’s bane is named Windows 10 KB4577586. It’s marked as an optional update, but once you click on “Check for updates,” it automatically downloads and installs itself.

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It takes only five minutes and a reboot to urge the update on your PC. After you are doing that, Flash is going to be scrubbed from your computer. Once it’s on, you cannot remove it again, so make sure you would like to get rid of Flash from your PC before downloading it.

If you would like to stay Flash around, but you do not want to place Windows Update on hold, there’s how to visit it. The update will only remove Flash if Windows 10 installed the plugin itself.

As such, if you, a third-party program, or a browser installed Flash on your computer, Windows shouldn’t remove it during this update. If you would like to stay it around, manually install Flash, and you ought to be okay. If you would like to urge to obviate Flash, make sure to uninstall any third-party installations of the software before downloading the update.

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Why Is Flash on the Chopping Block?

If you do not know why Microsoft is on a mission to wash Flash from everyone’s computers, it’s because the program poses a severe security risk for people’s PCs.

Flash is wont to be a loved and cherished plugin, but it’s gotten buggier and less secure over recent years. 2016 marked the primary nail in Flash’s coffin when Google Chrome blocked the Flash plugin from running.

Since then, people have slowly moved faraway from Flash until Adobe themselves dropped support in December 2020. Now that Adobe is no longer keeping Flash updated, it is a huge security risk and will be removed.

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As such, Microsoft is doing its part to make sure that everyone’s computers are clean from Flash, albeit the user doesn’t even realize what Flash is or why it’s on their PC.

Gone in a Flash

If Windows 10 installed Flash on your system, the new update for Windows 10 would help eliminate it. You’ll prefer to hold onto it by downloading it manually, but it won’t be long until Microsoft comes for those versions too.

If you dread to think what percentage of Flash games will soon vanish forever, you’ll download Flash games from the web to stay them forever.